STAFF EDITORIAL: Newspaper OK to base cartoon on Jesse Ventura

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Public figures are just that – figures in the public eye, under constant scrutiny. That is why they should expect all the criticism they receive.

Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is no exception.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press is planning on running a cartoon titled “VenturaLand,” every Sunday in the opinion section of the newspaper.

As always, Ventura is angry. Ever since being elected, he constantly has been upset whenever criticized.

Ventura needs to realize that he is not above everyone else.

Political leaders are under constant fire from all media outlets. It is part of the political process. Most politicians don’t let their reactions to criticism be made public, but Ventura wants everyone to know when he has been offended.

The Pioneer Press even has stated that the cartoon won’t be limited to harping on the governor. Some of the cartoons may put a positive spin on what Ventura is doing.
Ventura makes it seem like everyone must approve of what he is doing or else some kind of action should be taken.

The governor does not understand how a free society operates.

It’s foolish of him to be so outspoken about this cartoon, because all he is doing is promoting it. The story of his continued anger with the Pioneer Press has been picked up by the Associated Press.

Now people all across the nation can know how much of a baby the governor of Minnesota really is, if they didn’t think that way already.

He should expect this extra attention, because he is not an ordinary governor. He wants people to think that he is being treated unfairly, but he is acting merely childish.

Ventura constantly blames the media for his poor image when, in actuality, all the media do is show up. The governor is responsible for his own image.

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