Half-sleeping student drivers

Dear Editor:

I was just inches from having an accident this morning on Water Street. There were a number of college students waiting for the bus who can verify this letter, although I don’t know any of their names.

I urge college students to NOT drive when drinking. I urge college students to NOT drive with a hangover. And especially, I urge college students NOT to drive in the morning when they are half-asleep; especially when they are late for class. Remember the motto: It is better to get there late than get there dead.

I fell on the ice two months ago. I sprained by back and pulled muscles in my leg, back and shoulder. After two months, I can finally walk without a cane and my pain is reduced by 90 percent. However, after this morning when I had to literally stand on the brakes to avoid a sleepy college woman, I’ll now have to start over with the pain management.

She pulled right out in front of me. She must have known she was in the wrong because she didn’t once look at me even though I was an inch away from hitting her and I somehow managed to find the horn.

To all college students — I know this is an exciting, hard, fun and stressful time for you right now. But pull your heads out of your lives and look up once in a while. There is a whole world beyond your life and you need to start paying attention to it.

Cyndi Bradbury
Union Street, Eau Claire