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This week’s final spotlight features Casey Hilts, a choral education student

McKenna Dirks

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3rd and Vine
April 5, 2022
Casey Hilts is an aspiring choir teacher who enjoys being a member of two different choirs.

This week in the Blu’s Clues student spotlight, we have one last student who has elicited the impression that he is glad to have chosen UW-Eau Claire for many reasons. 

Casey Hilts is a second-year choral education student from Wausau, Wisconsin, who said his experience here at UW-Eau Claire has been exceptionally positive.  

“Everything from the friends I’ve made, to the memories I’ve created,” Hilts said. “I am definitely happy that I chose UW-Eau Claire.”

Hilts said Eau Claire is around an hour and a half from Wausau, so for him it’s relatively close to home. He said his sister briefly attended UW-Eau Claire and recommended it to him. 

Hilts said he chose Eau Claire due to its strong music and theatre arts department and its connection to home. In Ashland, Wisconsin, where he graduated from, Hilts said music and theater is a big part of what the high school there is, even though they don’t receive a lot of funding.

“I was one of the people who helped the program get attention,” Hilts said. “And the music and theater departments are now getting much more attention these days. The program supported me so much and I owe them much of who I am as a musician and actor.”

Hilts said he is part of the UWEC Players, which is a student run theater group on campus for any student, not limited to just theater students. 

Along with UWEC Players, Hilts is also a member of the Singing Statesmen, which is an all male choir. He said the group comprises 60 males, and they perform many genres of music, as well as tour Wisconsin once a year. 

Singing Statesmen isn’t the only group Hilts is a part of. He said he’s also a member of the Symphonic Choir on campus. It’s a combined choir, which means it also includes members of the Eau Claire community, Hilts said. The Symphonic Choir performs four times a year, he said. 

“I enjoy the people I meet the most,” Hilts said. “Music and Theater is all about connections, and there are so many interesting and fun people to meet in the program.”

Hilts said he enjoys hanging out with friends, playing sports such as soccer and tennis, and playing the piano. However, he said his favorite pastime on campus is acting and singing with friends in Haas Fine Arts because he enjoys those activities and many of his friends are focused in that area of study. 

Hilts said although his classes this semester have been challenging, he believes this semester has been his greatest success so far. 

“My classes have all been quite challenging and very stressful at times,” Hilts said. “But I have fought through and managed to make it to finals week.”

After graduation, Hilts said he hopes to become a high school choir teacher and possible a theater director in whichever community he is living in. 

“I wish everyone the best of luck on finals,” Hilts said. “And hope everyone has a fun, safe and relaxing winter break.”

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