Latte, anyone?

Baristas grind into action at Shift's latte contest

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Latte, anyone?

Pointer fingers ready.

Pointer fingers ready.

Photo by Gabbie Henn

Pointer fingers ready.

Photo by Gabbie Henn

Photo by Gabbie Henn

Pointer fingers ready.


In recent community events, the popular coffee bar and cycle shop, Shift, hosted a barista competition on Thursday, Feb. 7th at 7pm. The competition consisted of local baristas going head to head in their latte art. Three judges chose the best latte between two competitors in multiple rounds and eliminated contestants until it came to the final two. The night featured music from Tunes by Gabe as well as free pizza for those in attendance. This was Shift’s first time hosting this event and, as well as it went, most likely not the last.

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  • Practice makes perfect.

  • We have a latte flow going on here.

  • Go to the light that's where you can find me.

  • Milk and cookies aren't just for Santa.

  • A latte cups cleaned and ready.

  • Even through the cold the Eau Claire community commuted to watch the best of the best compete in their latte art skills.

  • Free food? That's where you'll find the college kids at.

  • The community shared a few laughs and caffeine before the show started.

  • Good company.

  • Shift is known for being a cycle shop and coffee bar as well.

  • The liege waffle glows in the bakery case waiting to be paired with its latte.

  • In 3, 2, 1 let the show begin.

  • Steamed in action.

  • A crucial part in the latte process.

  • An express[ive]o process.

  • Free lattes were being snatched hot and ready.

  • A little swan lake action.

  • Eau Shift you really have out done yourself.

  • Head to head.

  • Pouring: the most important process.

  • Eenie meenie minie moe!

  • Local coffee shop baristas participated in Shift's competition.

  • Concentrated.

  • The judges enjoyed their time as it was all for fun.

  • The aftermath.

  • Coworkers competing and steaming.

  • It was a latte fun, please come again...

  • Pointer fingers ready.

    Photo by Gabbie Henn

  • Pizza party anyone?

  • The finale.

  • An espresso machine for the winner as well as smiles for everyone.

  • Eau Shift!

  • The community continued their talks through more coffee as well as the beer on tap.

  • Quick study session before the showdown.

  • Coffee for two.

  • Music joined the competition to get the baristas warmed up.

  • Local shift barista Gabe played his music as well as competed in the event.

  • Midnight snack.

  • Staying warm with coffee and waffles.

  • Iced coffee.

  • Snowed in and cozy.

  • Let the competition begin.

    Photo by Gabbie Henn

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