Tangled Up In Hue now able to support more local artists with new space

Local business celebrates a new location with support from Chippewa Valley


Photo by Elizabeth Gosling

Tangled Up In Hue celebrated their re-opening this past Friday with free caricatures, live music, an art station and free snacks at their new location 505 S. Barstow St. Suite B in downtown Eau Claire.

Just as the spring flowers are beginning to find their buds, Tangled Up In Hue in Eau Claire’s downtown has a new, revitalized store to brighten up the season.

This past Friday, Tangled Up In Hue celebrated a grand re-opening festival at their new location — 505 S. Barstow St. Suite B, right across from their old location. The store normally sells art and locally-made gifts, but now, with the additional space they will be able to hold a variety of classes and host musical or poetical guests.

The event recognized the local business’ eight years as a keystone to the downtown community, as well as celebrated the many talented artists who call the Chippewa Valley home.

Jamie Kyser, one of Tangled Up In Hue’s two owners, said the new location will better showcase the artwork and items because it has higher ceilings and more room. The original location was a former pizza store before they transformed it into a shop. They made it work, she said, but they always had their mind set on a bigger space.

“I think we had always envisioned something bigger and better, which this new space affords us,” Kyser said.

The downtown business sells products from 100 artists, and with the new location, they have already added 10 new people. They will will continue to add artists as they get more accustomed to the new space.

The fresh expanse also gives the opportunity for community members to teach classes, such as balloon tying, weaving or an essential oil class.

“With the classes and events, we hope to support even more people that are knowledgeable, that are creative and that can teach other people what they know,” Kyser said. “Now we have the space and the facilities and the stage to be able to do that. It’s just about supporting the community and creative individuals.”

To be able to open the new location, Kyser and her business partner Erin Klaus had to decide the purpose for their original location, because Kyser said they were not planning on selling. They decided to make it an art supply, bead and yarn store, named Blue Boxer Arts, which is expected to open this coming summer.

The name comes from Klaus’ dog, who has been the store greeter since the beginning and is nearing retirement. Although the store will be a separate business from Tangled Up In Hue, many employees will be crossing over and working at both stores. Kyser said they will also have to hire one to two more employees to accommodate the change.

UW-Eau Claire students Alexis Ehlenbeck, a sophomore studying art, and Anais Cross, a sophomore studying psychology, came to the grand re-opening and said they both love Tangled Up In Hue. Ehlenbeck was excited because of the live music, and Cross said she enjoys seeing the business expand.

Overall, Kyser said the community’s support has been helpful throughout the time Tangled Up In Hue has been a part of the downtown.

“Just moving into this new space, we have had artists approach us who maybe wouldn’t have before,” Kyser said. “We’ve signed on about 10 to 12 new artists since we’ve moved, and I think it has a lot to do with the buzz that’s been created.”

A newcomer to the Chippewa Valley, Nicole Belanger, came to Tangled Up In Hue for the first time on Friday and said there are a lot of talented people in Eau Claire as well as multiple definitions of art, which she likes.

The store is open from 10 a.m.- 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday, and 11 a.m.- 4 p.m. Sunday.