Clear Water Comedy fall preview

Comedians around the Chippewa Valley deepen their ties with campus community

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Headshot preview of assorted performers this fall. Top row: Baron Vaughn, Mary Mack, Chad Daniels. Bottom row: Sean Patton, Joe Mande, Aparna Nancherla.

Humor is contagious. When laughter is shared, it brings people together and increases an overall sense of happiness. Laughter can be a remedy to anxiety, discomfort and conflict, which many college students face often.

Over the past few years in Eau Claire, the local standup scene has been developed by comedians using the stage as an outlet to discuss relatable societal topics. Guest comedians from all over the country are frequently putting Eau Claire on the map in a big way.

Clear Water Comedy is an independent show run by local amateur stand-ups in Eau Claire. Jordan James, one of the original founders of Clear Water Comedy, said their upcoming fall line up competes with many of the best comedy clubs in the country.

On Oct. 6, Baron Vaughn, American comedian and actor recognized for his representation of Nwabudike “Bud” Bergstein on the Netflix television series Grace and Frankie, is Clear Water Comedy’s first high profile headliner. Mary Mack, giving Eau Claire a shout-out on the talk show “Conan,” is another major performer headed to the stage on Oct. 8.

James will provide free tickets to students for headliner Baron Vaughn. His intentions are to introduce the comedy club to the campus community.

With the opening of Haymarket Landing downtown this fall, UW-Eau Claire is able to provide more opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the downtown community culture. The Clear Water Comedy Club takes the stage every Thursday night at The Plus on Barstow street.

“We really want to deepen our ties with the campus community,” James said.

Renowned for it’s music scene, Clear Water Comedy hopes with continued success that citizens will begin considering Eau Claire a great community for stand-up comedy as well.

“Clear Water Comedy revived The Plus for me and many other people as the best place to be every Thursday night,” said Catey Leonardson, freshman creative writing student. “Each comedian injects their own individualized sense of humor to poke fun at themselves in a relatable way and also uses the stage as an outlet to bring to light important social issues.”

College can be seen as a voyage of self-discovery, as students find themselves embarking on socially responsible happenings during this time in their lives. Socials issues are relevant on campus with the intention that everyone stays informed.

“They’re [Clear Water Comedy] very conscious of their inclusion with outsiders involved in the club,” said Luc Larson, sophomore music liberal arts student. “They strive to create a safe space for people to perform, which is unprecedented in Eau Claire to say the least.”

Clear Water Comedy offers an environment where people can enjoy a night out, feel comfortable and share a few laughs.