Sights with Sami

Currents Editor West chit-chatted and enjoyed a homestyle breakfast at Lynn’s Chatterbox Cafe

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Sights with Sami

Imagine this: it’s the first Sunday of spring break. You’re in Eau Claire, stuck in the dorms, all alone. None of your friends are in town, but here you are, about to work a full eight-hour day. What should you do?

Treat yourself to breakfast, of course.

Sunday morning I woke up at my definition of bright and early (9 a.m. on a Sunday morning, which is a miracle for a college student) and made my way to the quirky and unbelievably charming little cafe, Lynn’s Chatterbox Cafe, 1410 South Hastings Way.

I was instantly won over by the brightly colored, yet indescribably homey atmosphere. Since I was by myself, I sat at the bar next to another woman who appeared to also be eating alone.

Now, I know what you might be thinking: Isn’t it kind of sad eating breakfast by yourself?

And the answer is yes, kind of. The worst part of it is the response you get from anyone else when you tell them you ate out alone, not the actual dining experience itself.

To be completely honest, I enjoy dining by myself because it allows me to catch up on whatever book I happen to be reading, and to have some me time. And there’s nothing wrong with that, despite the typical “Oh, you went out alone?” comment.

But in going to a charming place like Lynn’s, I hardly felt any loneliness and read less than 10 pages of my book because of the friendly waiting staff and fellow diners.

I surprisingly chit-chatted with several people during my short time at the restaurant. Sadly enough, I was so perplexed by the social engagements I was having that I spent virtually my entire time in the cafe thinking about how odd it was.

In retrospect, this probably shouldn’t have been so surprising to me if “chatterbox” is part of the name of the cafe.

Lynn’s was the type of place where everyone has a usual spot and order. Despite my non-regular status, I still felt welcomed into the little community that was the restaurant.

On top of all that, the homestyle food was delicious to say the least. I ordered the “Savory Skillet,” which was comprised of two eggs cooked any way you like (PSA: eggs cooked over easy are the best for skillets and if you disagree, you’re wrong), hash browns, green peppers, fried onions and sausage, with a side of toast, of course.

I practically licked my plate clean it was so good. But I didn’t, because it would’ve weirded my new friends at Lynn’s out.

So if you’re looking for a slice of small town charm, a little conversation and delectable homestyle food for a reasonable price, I suggest you head to Lynn’s Chatterbox Cafe. You won’t be sorry.