Jillian Rae visits campus for the first time performing at The Cabin

Minneapolis-based singer livens up audience members Friday night

Story by Colette St John, Staff Writer

Clapping, stomping, dancing and singing amid the warm fireplace and smells of caffeinated beverages were a stark contrast to the cold and snowy conditions outside on Friday night. Inside, singer Jillian Rae put on a memorable performance at The Cabin.

This was Rae’s first appearance at UW-Eau Claire, bringing some serious passion to the stage. Not only did she sing, but also played violin and guitar.

Rae is one of a five-piece band from Minneapolis, Minn. For this venue, she was accompanied only by one member. This created an atmosphere favorable for the audience.

Rachael Nichols, co-chair of The Cabin committee, which is part of the University Activities Commission, was in attendance Friday night. Overall, she said she really enjoyed the show.

“She has a great voice and is very personable,” Nichols said. “Also, the music is great and fits to the venue really well.”

Rae performed many types of songs during the set. These include original pieces, newly written pieces and iconic songs such as “Jolene,” originally performed by Dolly Parton.

“For this batch of tunes, definitely love and that area of life where either it’s the good or the bad, or the ugly,” Rae said of the inspiration for her lyrics and music.

Many of her songs are based on love and heartbreak.  Songs such as “Don’t Want You Back” and “Heart in a Jar” inspired her first album, Heartbeat.

Rae frequently performs around the Twin Cities area. She has attended many of Minnesota’s music festivals such as the Basilica Block Party and the Stonearch Bridge Festival. She is most commonly seen at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis.

“In general, if somebody leaves feeling good or better about their overall sense of self or their day, I feel happy,” she said. “I just want everything to be relatable and feel good.”