Dorm residents decorate halls and hand out candy


Children swarmed the dorms Friday night to celebrate Halloween – Photo by Jessie Tremmel

Story by Jessie Tremmel, Op/Ed Editor

The halls of the upper campus dorms were decked out in Halloween decorations and full of children, dressed as Elsa, 80s workout video dancers and kings, with parents following close behind.

Parents of toddlers pushed their pumpkins and kitties through the halls, chanting out “Trick or Treat” at every door adorned with an orange sign indicating there was candy inside.

Caroline Walz, a freshman living in Oak Ridge Hall, pulled her desk chair into the hallway to wait for trick-or-treaters. She said trick-or-treating in the dorms is special because it’s different from the traditional walk through neighborhoods knocking on doors.

The dorm setting may make children feel like they are older, she said.

With it being the coldest Halloween in eight years, according to an article posted on WEAU’s website, trick-or-treating in the dorms is also a good way to keep kids warm.

“They are not walking around outside, they are in one place,” Walz said. “It is probably also a lot safer.”

Having trick-or-treaters in the dorms gives Walz the chance to see children, which isn’t a constant on campus. After the stream of “Frozen” Elsa’s and Anna’s, she said she wanted to watch the movie.

In between children visiting, Walz, her roommates and dorm neighbors snacked on the Halloween candy underneath two full rolls of toilet paper strung from the ceiling. She said trick-or-treating in the dorms is also convenient and results in good amounts of candy for the children.

Jessica Kienholz said she brings her kids trick-or-treating in the dorms because it is exciting.

“The college students are fun when they interact with the kids,” Kienholz said. “The kids enjoy it.”

Kienholz and her family have been trick-or-treating in the dorms for five years. The decorations in the halls are fun, she said, and the kids escape the cold while trick-or-treating in the buildings.