Restaurant offers great food, low prices

Galloway Grille’s overall atmosphere makes for a great time out

Story by Steve Fruehauf, Sports Editor

While most people may boast about the different tastes of either Water Street or Barstow Street, a just as delicious, yet maybe less known, establishment lies just around the corner. Galloway Grille, stationed at 409 Galloway Street, has great deals on different meals throughout the entire week.

The bar and grill offers two for one burgers from 4 to 9 p.m. every Monday. But these aren’t just a casual dish, each favor a half-pound fresh patty that could happily fulfill the hungriest of appetites.

My personal favorites of the numerous choices Galloway offers are the Smokey Mountain and Port Swiss burgers. The first is a patty, barbecue shredded pork and a healthy scoop of homemade coleslaw.

The second displays a patty with a mix of sauteed portabella mushrooms and swiss cheese on top. While both may sound like overly messy plates, the cooks proportion their amounts well while still satisfying the paying customer.

Each burger is $8 before the Monday deal. So if those interested in a hearty dish go with a friend, they are only paying $4 for a fresh half-pound burger. These all natural dishes are accompanied with chips, and beer-battered fries are only a dollar extra.

Ryan Hamilton, UW-Eau Claire senior and Galloway Grille employee, said he can attest to the quality of the restaurant’s food.

“All the burgers are half-pound, half-paddy, inhouse, they’re not frozen, they are fresh from local farms and meat sources and those go from $7-$9 dollars, Hamilton said. “Fresh ingredients, it’s all good.”

I went with a friend last week, got fries and a drink as well and still only had to pay $6 total. For the amount I was getting in food, the end price was an absolute steal.

But fear not, those interested in something other than burgers have a number of different choices to still choose from. Tuesday through Friday, appetizers are half price from 2 to 5 p.m. ranging from $9 maximum prices. This excludes specialty appetizers which are a dollar or two more.

If customers are looking for a little more than appetizers but a little less than burgers, Galloway’s menu offers different entrees, soups, salads and wraps at extremely affordable prices as well. Of those included, the Black and Bleu wrap was the “Taste of the Valley” winner this past year. It includes beef sirloin, lettuce, tomato, crumbled bleu cheese and a homemade dressing to top it off.

Hamilton said the bar also boasts a proud collection of 15 different tap beers along with bottled bear as well. They also have a number of different wines and liquors.

“Happy hour goes from 2 to 6 p.m. every weekday, that’s $0.50 on tap and drink specials are up to the bartenders,” Hamilton said. “As far as drink specialties go, if you see we have the ingredients, we can make it for you and figure out how to price it evenly.”

The aesthetics of the restaurant are also cool. Its spacious atmosphere is inviting, relaxed and welcome to everyone.

If in need of a healthy dose of some popular music and stoic atmosphere, Hamilton said Galloway Grille is the place to be because of its a great experience not only for younger adults but families and older locals as well.