Geau Claire

Dooley’s Pub 442 Water St.

Story by Nick Erickson, Managing Editor

It’s a given fact. The people of Wisconsin bleed green and gold. But large social gatherings and the possibility of consuming a burger and perhaps a beverage of some sort also run through the veins of Wisconsinites (and Minnesotans, too, of course).

While both the Packers and the Vikings were just as much spectators as you and I were Sunday, that doesn’t take away the magnitude that is Super Bowl Sunday. Dooley’s Pub on Water Street was no exception.

Clads of Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson jerseys found their way to the local Irish watering hole Sunday night to watch football’s biggest game.

Although Wilson’s Seattle Seahawks housed Manning’s Denver Broncos in a blowout, the atmosphere inside was festive, as jovial and genuine shouts came after every big play.

That’s what makes Dooley’s special. Big screen TV’s dominate the walls of the two-story pub that serves as more of a social bar rather than your late night destinations such as Brothers or the Pickle.

This makes for the perfect gathering spot for students who are looking to watch a big game with people to cheer with.

Joel Newman and his roommates are avid fantasy football players and were looking for a place to catch Thursday Night Football since the basic cable package in student housing areas does not carry the NFL Network.

After just one trip there, he and his housemates didn’t need much convincing to come back.

“We went there all 16 weeks of the NFL season,” Newman said. “It’s always full of people, a lot of college-aged people, so it’s a fun crowd to be around. It’s a good time.”

Even if you’re not 21 years of age, Dooleys is still a great place to watch a game. With daily food deals such as $0.40 Wednesday wings or two-for-one Blarney burger nights on Thursdays, you can enjoy yourself no matter what your age is.

While Super Bowl Sunday drew in a larger crowd than other games nights, you can almost always find somebody there watching the contest you wish to see.

Unique to Dooleys is the hockey theme in the bar. As much as Wisconsinites bleed the green and gold of the Packers, Minnesotans and people of Wisconsin dream of blue lines and slapshots. As we know, Eau Claire has become a hockey town, and if you don’t believe me, just take a gander at the signed jersey from last year’s national champion Blugold men’s hockey team hanging on the wall.

Hockey jerseys from the city’s high schools also decorate the interior of Dooleys, and a rare bubble hockey setup reminiscent of the one in the Disney movie Miracle is situated upstairs.

If you are a fan of the Badgers or the Gophers but don’t get the Big Ten Network, Dooleys has you covered. If your team is playing on Thursday Night Football but you don’t have the NFL Network, Dooleys has you covered too.

Treat yourself the next time you want to watch a sporting event with a crowd but you don’t have tickets. Spend the evening at Dooleys Pub on Water Street. You won’t regret it.