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Weird-Eau Claire


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Spectator Staffers analyze unique campus happenings that only Blugolds would understand. Ever trip up the Hibbard steps? Read on.


The footbridge is an iconic part of UW-Eau Claire’s campus. Everyday students use it to walk from Haas to Hibbard or bike from class to home.
While that walk or bike ride may be pleasant enough while you’re actually over the river, with the lines neatly separating the bikers from the pedestrians and each obeying the rules, the trouble comes when the crowds of people get to the campus side of the bridge.
The bike lane is on the left while the ramp is on the right, creating an awkward traffic jam. Pedestrians have to stop and wait for bikes. Or should the bikers wait for those who are walking?
Unless Eau Claire fixes this soon we’re doomed to do the awkward bike/pedestrian shuffle every now and then.


Hibbard Hall

As the home of seven academic departments, multiple labs and even more classrooms and lecture halls, it is no wonder Hibbard has all the foot traffic it does. People are trying to
get multiple places at once.
So why is that almost every single person trying to enter the building insists on shoving themselves through the same set of three-foot-wide doors and shuffle up the same set of stairs?
Or how people go “in” the “out” and “out” the “in” doors. There is more than one door going into the building.
Going a few more yards down the sidewalk to use the next door will actually save you time. You won’t be stuck in a crowded stairwell for five minutes.
Also, while we’re on the subject of the Hibbard stairs, has anyone else tripped up the stairs more than once?

Davies Center nooks

In the new Davies Center there are a ton of places to sit and eat with your friend or get some last-minute homework done.
There’s the first floor dining area, second floor seating area and several quiet nooks.
These nooks are filled with spacious couches, TVs and quite a few tables.
I think we may all be a little nervous to use these nooks, because they are hardly ever used.
The dining room and seating area can be filled to capacity and more people will still try to pack in by sitting on the floor or pulling chairs from other areas while these smaller rooms are left empty.
Why don’t more people use these? If there’s one person in one, it is like it’s off limits. We’re all Blugolds. We can share the nooks.

There are TV’s in there guys. You don’t even have to go off campus to blow off your homework.If by some chance someone is already in the room, say ‘Hi,’ make some friends. Grab a chair and introduce yourself.


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