Mayhem with Martha

Story by Martha Landry, Currents Editor







Boy with hair and eyes who is sitting … you rock my world. I just wish we could be together.

I know. I’m being specific … hope no one knows who I’m talking about even though I’m publicly publishing who I’ve been creeping on (I mean admiring) from afar.

UW-Eau Claire Secret Admirers is the newest craze to catch fire on campus. The Facebook page was started March 10 and has over a thousand likes already.

Taken from their ‘about’ page: “Inspired by UWEC Confessions and UW-Madison Secret Admirers, this page allows anyone on campus to anonymously post their secret crushes! This page is not affiliated with the university at all, and is just meant to be a unique, fun, easy way to bring people together and to possibly stir up some love! :)”

Ahhh you have to love these attempts at finding lust with your fellow Blugolds but I can see this action QUICKLY turning into another
LikeALittle dirt fest.

Last week, The Spectator Editorial Board discussed UWEC Confessions and other pages popping up.

“If you don’t like the page, you don’t have to follow it,” the Editorial Board said. “You can chose to like it and get notifications from the page and no one is forcing you to sign up for anything.”

Personally, I am not a fan of these pages because it gives people gratification for posting negative ideas or activities which makes them ‘baller’ or ‘cool’ or ‘whatever.’

When chatting with some Eau Claire students about the social media pages, junior Katie Laudenbach said someone posted something about her and even though they weren’t negative, it still made her a bit uncomfortable.



Some posts are funny:
“Ben is the cutest boy. I want to ask him on a date. rawr”

Some are … intense:
“Dear #4, you make my heart soar. With your beautiful red hair, a man like you is rare. A note on your car, a post online, maybe someday, you will be mine. I hope you always know, I love you so. XOXO <3”

Some are straight up nice:
“Suzy from the caf is just the best!”

And some just straight up can’t be published in The Spectator.


“I saw that somebody liked (UW-Eau Claire Secret Admirers) but I haven’t really looked at it. I’ve been on the confessions one. I think it’s interesting to read to see what people are doing. I don’t know if I believe it all, though.”

­—Matt Peterson, Freshman

“I kind of have mixed emotions. Some of them are interesting and
others are like really inappropriate and shouldn’t be said. It’s kind of entertaining, I think. I wouldn’t want my name up there, though”

—Molly Bicker, Freshman

“It’s kind of interesting because a long time ago there was the LikeALittle thing going on and there is a lot of weird stuff that really goes on. Sometimes it’s kind of funny but sometimes people get really upfront about stuff and they say things they normally wouldn’t say about people and that can get kind
of scary I think.”

—Katie Laudenbach, Junior