Surviving finals

Story by David Heiling, Sports Editor

Finals are right around the corner and students are beginning to take notice and remember those times and places they will need to be at in order to take their semester-end examinations. For students around campus there are different approaches and study techniques to make finals not so stressful.

How do you study?

Andrew Cook — “I just study the night before and not worry too much about it. Finals are like any other exam so don’t treat them any differently.” Senior business major.

Thaddeus Harrison — “Well, depending on the final I make note cards, copy my notes a couple of times … I say things out loud too. I try and use as many senses that i can.” Senior KINS major.

Alicia Mundy — “I go to the library where it is really quiet … like fourth floor. I eat a lot and I drink a lot of coffee and just focus.” -Senior nursing major

Colleen Hall — “I don’t really ever have a plan for finals, I feel like if I worry myself too much I’ll fail all of them. I just study the ones I know the least the most.” -Sophomore elementary education and Spanish double major.

Where do you study?

Cook — “Always stay at home, its a comfort thing and that is where I do my best.”

Harrison — “Usually at a big table at my house. I don’t like to go to the library because I tend to people watch.”

Mundy — “Fourth floor (library) for sure. It’s where I have always went and its really quiet so I can get things done.”

Hall — “Wherever I can find that is convenient at the time pretty much.”