The Channel Surfer: “Boy Meets World”


Story by Emily Albrent, Chief Copy Editor

The year is winding down and all of the new fall TV shows are no longer new. Seasons have progressed and now we can start looking ahead to what is going to come next. Since there is a lack of new TV shows as this moment, I want to take this time to look back on a show that has changed the lives of many. Boy. Meets. World.
The show was a sitcom focusing on a coming-of-age story of the main character, Cory Matthews. The show documented his life, the struggles he goes through, his friends, his girlfriends, his graduation, his college life, his marriage and everything in between. The show started to air in 1993 and continued with 7 seasons until it ended in 2000 on ABC.
I can’t even imagine a show that has come close to how amazing “Boy Meets World” was. Seriously. The characters were amazing, the acting was perfect and you had every type of person represented.
You had Eric Matthews, Cory’s older brother, who was a crazy, fun-loving guy who may not have been the smartest but he had a big heart. Cory was a guy who always wanted to do the right thing but seemed to constantly get in trouble with his best friend Shawn Hunter, who was your typical ‘90s rebel.  Topanga Lawrence, Cory’s long-time girlfriend, started off as an awkward preteen and grew up into a mature young lady. But let’s be honest, Eric was the best. I just want him in my life 24/7, and you probably do, too.
The show focused on such simple things like graduating high school and the fear of the future. The show did not need any type of MTV drama. It was a quality show that was the perfect way to end your day. Or start your day, which is what I do if I wake up super early to work on some homework. OK, maybe I just get up early to watch it on TV because watching it on a DVD just is not the same.
I have seen each season so many times over it’s embarrassing.  I am trying to find something wrong with the show or something negative to say and the only thing that comes to mind is that there is going to be a new spin-off show called “Girl Meets World,” based on Cory and Topanga’s child. This makes me so incredibly nervous. I hate when shows take a great thing and try to push it further.
Leaving good enough alone is something that I think they should have done for this show. I just don’t want this to turn out horrible because it could kill the show altogether. And honestly, I liked how “Boy Meets World” was a ’90s thing. It was something I grew up on and it was so awesome that if this next installment sucks, it will make it seem like it was always that bad.
I am just a big fan of this show and if you haven’t seen it, take some time right now and watch the first season. Probably watch the whole first season. They are only half-an-hour and once you start watching, you most likely won’t be able to stop.