The Channel Surfer: “The Mob Doctor”


Story by Emily Albrent, Chief Copy Editor

TV networks are just blowing up with new dramas, especially ones that have to do with doctors. The new show “The Mob Doctor,” which airs at 7 p.m. Mondays on FOX, takes on a whole new angle and attempts to stand out from the rest of the cookie cutter medical shows.
The show’s protagonist, Doctor Grace Devlin (Jordana Spiro), finds herself in a tricky situation. She is stuck between doing the right and moral thing and being indebted to the Mob in order to help protect her brother. If she doesn’t comply with the mob, terrible things will happen to her and her brother.
I really appreciated the creative thought processes by the creators of this show.
They really tried to make a show that was different from all other medical dramas, but unfortunately, this show fell incredibly short. I am so sad that such an awesome concept just crashed and burned.
The first thing that I noticed was that the injuries that the patients had looked so fake. I mean you could see where the prosthetics were attached on their face. There was no blending; there was no care in matching the prosthetic to the characters’ skin color.
At first I thought they were kidding, but then realized that it was just a horrible makeup job. I don’t have an HD TV, so you can imagine how horrible it looked on a TV that would have HD capabilities. Come on FOX, let’s try a little harder.
Another thing that just did not work was how unethical the content of the show was. For example, she was asked to kill a person for the mob, which we can all agree is pretty unethical for a doctor to do. I know that this is what made the show unique, but there comes a time when a show has such a wild idea and if it is not done right, it just kind of sucks.
Maybe I am being too picky here, but there were just so many impractical issues in this one episode, that I just lost interest.
The episode didn’t even show the audience how she got into this in the first place; they just skipped over that whole part in the beginning, which was really stupid. That’s the whole point of the first episode, to give background information.
How am I supposed to care about the main character and her challenges when I don’t even know what I am watching in the first place?
I found myself doing other things rather than watching the show.
I honestly could not wait until it was over. It was bland and boring, and the only thing that made the show worth watching was how attractive the main character’s boyfriend was. And honestly, that’s not enough.
These doctor dramas need to stop or, hey, get better. It’s really sad when great ideas go to waste because they are not executed properly. There are even rumors floating around online that it may be canceled, and some are already petitioning to give it a second chance. For me, the show was a waste of time, and I definitely won’t give it a second chance.