The Channel Surfer: “666 Park Avenue”


Story by Emily Albrent

I have always been a huge fan of scary movies, so when I found out that a new TV show was coming out that was acting like a season-long scary movie, I got super excited.

The new show, “666 Park Avenue,” is about a couple that moves into an upscale apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. They think that everything is fine until they realize that the building and people they live with might be possessed by demonic forces.

It all starts with a simple question: What if you could wish for your deepest desire, and have it come true? Would you be willing to pay the price? Sell your soul? Some people are.

All in all, the show started off slow, continued slow, and ended, you guessed it, slow. I found it extremely hard to pay attention for longer than a couple of minutes. I didn’t even have a particular feeling about the show other than, “meh.”

I am pretty sure that this is because I was constantly comparing it to another scary movie-like show, “American Horror Story.” The plot lines matched up a bit and I just could not move past it.

It could also be that with scary movies, or TV shows, they use all the same tactics. Suspenseful music here, monster fake-out there, people jumping off buildings because they are possessed, real-life turning into dreams, etc.

Another thing that just did not make me very interested in the show was the amount of sex scenes. Let’s get real. We all know that if you are pushing the “sex sells” idea that you already have lost faith in what you are producing.

And it just didn’t work in the first place. There was actual plot going on, and then randomly, for no reason at all the story writers were like, “BAM, here you go, sex scene.”

Why force the issue? It makes the show seem classless and almost like it is already expecting to be canceled, which honestly would not surprise me. Even the preview to the next episode was lacking. I am wondering how long this show is going to hang on.

The one thing that might bring me back to watch another episode of “666 Park Avenue” is how they filmed it. Even though the plot line was predictable and the scary parts not scary, I was fascinated how they used lighting and shadows to portray the story line.

That sounds nerdy, I know, but it was honestly one of the best things about the show. It was probably filmed a lot better than a lot of big budget scary movies. There was something in the camera angles that seriously made the move way more suspenseful then the acting and music ever could provide.

At 9 p.m. Sunday on ABC, I will probably tune in for another episode. I mean, why not? I’m willing to give it another chance. Sometimes first episodes are the worst and they go up from there. Who knows, I may just become addicted.