UWEC Style Profile: BMB

UWEC Style Profile: BMB

Story by Elizabeth Jackson, Photo Editor

For the Blugold Marching Band, Homecoming is a chance to show off their talent and uniforms.

Sophomore Paige Gelling, tenor saxophonist in the BMB.

Senior Bryan Kujawa and sophomore Paige Gelling have their own unique style off the field and a unifying style in their uniforms.
Kujawa is a drum major who also plays the French horn. He said his style usually consists of a button-up shirt and jeans. He also wears bowling shoes, a unique part of his wardrobe, that he found at Goodwill. Originally, Kujawa said he was at Goodwill looking for a blazer when he found a pair of bowling shoes for $10. He said the idea of wearing bowling shoes was in the back of his head when he found them.
As a drum major, Kujawa’s uniform is different from the rest of the Blugold Marching Band. The drum majors’ uniforms consist of white pants, white shoes, white gauntlets, a dark blue jacket and a hat with a large feather. The hardest part of wearing the drum major uniform, he said, is keeping the white parts clean.
Gelling plays the tenor saxophone in the Blugold Marching Band. She said her style is usually whatever is comfortable, and she usually chooses basic bottoms and ties together the colors of her top with accessories. She said she likes to shop at Maurices
because of the ever-changing inventory.
The unity of the band members in their uniforms is one of Gelling’s favorite parts of the marching band uniform, but she said she dislikes how warm the uniforms can become during late summer games. Gelling’s uniform consists of dark blue pants and a dark blue jacket with a gold sash and cape.

Senior Bryan Kujawa, drum major for BMB.

The occasional uniform malfunction happens. Gelling said her section leader has the section do belt checks before going out on the field in case the snaps on the pants come off.