For Your Entertainment

For Your Entertainment

Story by Kris Kotlarik, Copy Editor

Music: Devin Townsend Project: Epicloud

My favorite artist, Devin Townsend, is at it again with what I am declaring to be the most positive metal album I have ever heard. The thing with Townsend, though, is that he fuses many styles together (including a gospel choir in this album), creating music which reaches the point where arguing about what genre it falls into becomes asinine.

Highlights on this album include “Liberation,” “Grace,” “Save Our Now,” and “Angel,” but the entire album is beyond great and should have something on it for everyone. As some readers may have seen last December at the House of Rock, Townsend is also extremely fun to watch in a live setting, and is easily worth the price of admission.

Releases Sept. 18

Playing at Station 4 in St. Paul with Katatonia, Paradise Lost and Stolen Babies on Sept. 16.

Movie: The Descent

If you don’t have any interest in going cave diving, or if you get scared easily, you’re not going to want to see this movie. I’m not much for horror movies, but this one is the cream of the crop as far as I’m concerned.

You can find The Descent on Netflix and at Family Video.

Restaurant: Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Located on Clairemont Avenue just off of Patton Street, this is the place to go for people who love all things barbecue but are too cheap/broke to go to Famous Dave’s or Texas Roadhouse. It’s also within a reasonable walking distance from the dorms for those looking to go on a mini adventure.