Love is like a box of chocolates

Story by The Spectator Staff

Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get with love and relationships. This Valentine’s Day, love vicariously through several students’ stories of their best and worst romantic experiences.


“In fifth grade, we had bags set up so we could give Valentine cards. We went up one by one and had to give each person a card, and I had a crush on one of my friends. I went to put it in her bag first, and then one of my friends yelled, ‘He’s putting it in Lindsey’s bag because he has a crush on her!’ I just remember my face was so red, and I was so embarrassed that I ran out of the room.”

– Tyler Loomis, freshman




“My high school did this thing where you could send Valentine cards to other students. My sophomore year, I just went through a breakup and my friends all got together and sentme a bunch of gifts and candy and put notes in my locker. It made me feel really special when I didn’t think I’d get anything.”

– Kaitlyn Van Asten, freshman



“One time when I was actually dating someone, we decided to go out for a nice dinner. It wasn’t super fancy, but we got all dressed up. I think we were both so nervous about the date that we both ended up just getting a salad because we didn’t want to eat anything. It was so embarrassing.”

– Sarah Bradford, junior




“I was in high school, and my boyfriend decided to get me a candy rose, and he somehow got it into my locker. I’m not sure how he got it in there, but I was sharing the locker witha friend at the time, and she thought I put it in there for her, so she ate it. Later in the day, he asked me if I got the chocolate rose, and I said no, and he then acted like he was just joking. I found out after that my friend ate it and felt so awful for my boyfriend.”

– Ali Ciatti, junior

“My senior year of high school, I had just been dumped, and my other friends just got boyfriends, so we decided to get together and make t-shirts for Valentine’s Day. So we got black shirts, and I wrote ‘Crappy Valentine’s Day’ with a grenade where my heart’s supposed to be. The girls who had boyfriends wrote happy things, but it was just a really fun time and showed that Valentine’s Day can be about friends, not just boyfriends.”

– Ivy Kemnetz, sophomore