You’re the best: Donald Glover

Story by Eric Christenson

I think I discovered Donald Glover the way a lot of people did.

He was a standout as a dopey, stereotypical jock on “Community.”  Sure, the shoes were well worn, but the show thrived on taking those stereotypes and flying through them with a unique, ironic freshness, and Glover was largely
responsible for that.

In the sixth episode titled “Football, Feminism and You,” you learn Glover’s character Troy went to a pretty conservative high school and when Troy busts out the school’s politically charged fight rap, he had me.

If you’re curious, the rap goes like this:

“Hip, hop, body don’t stop / Riverside got the broom, don’t need a mop / Put your team in the box, put a ribbon on top / we’re not John Kerry ‘cause we don’t flip-flop.”

And later…

“Bing, bong, sing along / Your team’s Al Gore because your views are wrong.”

Not only is it terrific(ly terrible) writing, but Glover’s delivery was impeccably timed and carried out perfectly.  So that’s about when I realized that …

Donald Glover: YOU’RE THE BEST!   So he’s on “Community.”  The show’s phenomenal, if you haven’t seen it.  That’s an excellent reason to love a person.  But it definitely doesn’t stop with “Community.”

Here’s my list:


-Maybe you’ve heard Donald rap under the name Childish Gambino.  He just got signed to Glassnote records, has an album (“Camp”) coming out in November and already has a few mixtapes and an EP.  He rapped over Jamie XX’s remix of Adele’s “Rollin’ in the Deep,” his verses are incredible and he just released a single called “Bonfire.”  He’s heated up something fierce.

-By the way, Glover got the name Childish Gambino from a Wu-Tang Clan name-generator on the Internet.  I just did it and I got Sullen Choirboy.  It’s genius.  Look for my rap singles coming soon!

-He remixed the entirety of Sufjan Stevens’ critically lauded “Come on! Feel the Illinoise!” album on a record called “Illin-Noise.”

-He wrote for “30 Rock.”  Tina Fey singles his MVP joke out in her book “Bossypants.” It goes like this:

“Jenna: Not even a “back door” brag?

Kenneth: What’s a “back door” brag?

Jenna: It’s sneaking something wonderful about yourself into everyday conversation. Like when I tell people, “It’s hard for me to watch ‘American Idol,’ because I have perfect pitch.”

Kenneth: Oh…ew.

Jenna: Now you try.

Kenneth: It’s hard for me to watch “American Idol” ‘cause there’s a water bug on my channel changer.”

-When he signed up for Twitter, he was using the name @DonGlover, but then had to change it — understandably.

-He was in some GAP ads.

-His standup comedy is excellent, but why wouldn’t it be?  His hour-long Comedy Central special, “Weirdo” debuts
in November.

-He’s going to be in the forthcoming Muppets movie.

-There was a Twitter campaign to have Glover be the new Spiderman after Glover randomly tweeted that he’d like to.  He didn’t get to audition and the part was given to Andrew Garfield.  HOWEVER, after Peter Parker’s death in the comic series “Ultimate Spiderman,” Parker was replaced by Miles Morales, a half-Hispanic, half-African-American who takes on the role of Spiderman.  “Ultimate Spiderman” writer Brian Michael Bendis said he based the character of Morales on Glover.

So, basically, whatever you’re currently doing, Donald Glover is better than you at it.

I’m sorry, but it’s the truth and we’re all going to have to live with that.