Brian feels smart about bike seat protection

Story by Brian Miller

Here’s a tip:

Bicyclists, get a shower cap.

It is a lightweight, easy to attain and deceptively simple tool that will change the way you bike in the rain.

When it looks like it’s going to rain, if you’re like most people, you’ll probably grab a plastic grocery bag before you leave the house on your bike. Then, you’ll try to knot said bag into a big bubble over your bike seat in hopes that it will keep it dry for when you have to sit on it next.

It works just fine, but a shower cap works better and here’s why:

• Shower caps are actually meant to keep out water. They don’t have a seam along the bottom or those weird corner areas that hold about a gallon each.

• They have a string of elastic that will cinch around the base of your bike seat, unlike a bag where you have to try to make a knot with your already cold and annoyed fingers.

• They take up about half the space of a gross, soaking wet plastic bag.

• You can wear it on your head while you’re not riding to stay even drier!

As a resident of Wisconsin, I know that the weather will do whatever it wants all the time. As a student, I know that regardless of what the weather is like I will have to just deal with it and go to class anyway.

So, instead of feeling like an ass (or having to walk around with a wet one), just get a shower cap.