UAC Campus Films Review: “High Fidelity”

Story by Emily Gresbrink

“High Fidelity,” starring John Cusack, follows a music maniac and record store owner named Rob Gordon (Cusack). When we first meet Rob, he has just gone through a sudden breakup with his girlfriend, Laura (Iben Hjejle). He begins making a “top five worst breakups of all time” list, reviewing his past encounters with failed relationships in an attempt to see what exactly went wrong with Laura.

But what kind of review of “Fidelity” would be complete without a top five list? After all, lists are what kept this movie going strong.

5. This movie is super easy to relate to your own life.
The truth here is that Rob is messed up when we first meet him. This girl has shaken him up and he’s trying to reorganize his life (and music collection). He’s really introspective in his lists, categorizing and just talking his feelings out. That’s how real people deal with stuff when their life gets turned upside down.  They don’t drown their sorrows in ice cream. They do something
about it!

4. This movie isn’t a cutesy-poo chick flick.
Let’s be honest for a second: love in the movies is way over-hyped. I liked that the majority of this movie was spent in that mode we all go through after breakups. You know, the “what went wrong” mode. I love that! Yeah, it’s got a love story behind it, but … it’s not soppy like “Titanic” or “The Notebook.” This is real love and real emotion.

3. The soundtrack is KILLER!
Okay, I love beautifully orchestrated movies just as much as the next guy. Nothing like a little John Williams to get your film up and running … but seriously, that stuff gets old. I like a little bit of variety in my soundtrack. With every genre ever represented, this movie delivers variety for all music enthusiasts. We’re talking The Velvet Underground, Queen, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, The Chemical Brothers and Belle and Sebastian, to name a few. So even if you aren’t into movies with love stories, you can at least enjoy the musical mix tape that is the soundtrack of
Rob’s life.

2. John Cusack breaks the fourth wall throughout the whole movie.
A lot of the time, I feel like watching a movie means literally ‘watching’ a movie. But since Cusack’s character is talking to us the whole time like we’re right next to him, I was really drawn in more. I felt like I was just talking to him and listening to his story the whole time, and just viewing this guy’s sucky breakup.

1. Jack Black’s cover of “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye
Need I say more?