Story by Brian Miller and Eric Christenson

Bus Blues
by Brian Miller

Now I’m not one to make a fuss—
But I’ve got issues with the bus.

Every morning I try to be fast.
I get to the stop, but you’ve just passed.

Lots of ‘Dangs!’ and lots of ‘Shoots!’
I try to catch you (while wearing boots).

The weather makes my face feel numb,
And running in a backpack looks seriously dumb.

2000 Below
by Eric Christenson

There’s a footbridge in the middle of everything.
It’s so cold,
I hate walking across it,
It’s the black licorice of architectural structures,
It’s the Nicolas Cage of footpaths,
It hurts my face and hands.

Trust me, it’s not easy
being this cold,
How am I supposed to do art when I can’t move
my fingers?
I’m wasting my money.