Wisconsin vs. Minnesota: Natural beauty

Story by Rob Hanson and Breann Schossow


Lakes are pretty cool, no one can contest that. There really is nothing like an evening on a lake emblazon with a fiery sunset or waiting for the sun to show itself over a lake as the mist rises from the water and a cool breeze creeps through your sweater. But 10,000 of them?

We all know what a lake looks like, but have you ever experienced a crisp fall day in Bayfield, Wis.? How about the quaint, peaceful beauty of Amnicon Falls State Park in Superior, near the equally serene north shore? Have you ever gazed upon the geologic wonders of Devil’s Lake State Park in Baraboo?

If the answer is yes, you probably agree Wisconsin is naturally more beautiful than Minnesota.

In addition to the aforementioned destinations for nature enthusiasts, Wisconsin also boasts access to the one of a kind Apostle Islands and unique wildlife viewing opportunities at the Horicon Marsh, as well as more than 50 state parks and forests.

It is true that as states in the Upper Midwest, Wisconsin and Minnesota share many attributes. Both have pristine northern woodlands and lend much of their turf to agriculture. Both have shoreline on Lake Superior, gorgeous bluffs along the Mississippi River and both see four distinct seasons each year. However, nothing says outdoors like Wisconsin. – RH


Being from southeastern Minnesota, I’m relatively spoiled by all the natural beauty. I mean, I have lakes, rivers, bluffs and valleys about 15 minutes from my house (conveniently located in the middle of nowhere). I’m technically from a town named after a princess and I have a huge piece of granite affectionately named Sugar Loaf as a landmark that people in Eau Claire know about.

Coming to Wisconsin for school was such a cold-blow moment for a lucky kid like myself, because while Eau Claire may the most beautiful campus in the UW System, it can’t hold a candle to any part of Minnesota, college town or not. And, from my travels around Wisconsin (even camping in state parks), the beauty that is Minnesota always holds first place in my heart.

In addition to the gorgeous southeastern part of the state, Minnesota offers prairies to the west and forests to the north.

Finally, let’s be honest here. Wisconsin needs a show called, “Discover Wisconsin” to draw visitors in to appreciate all the beauty. Minnesota does not, because people already know — case and point. -BS