Wisconsin vs. Minnesota: State flags

Story by Sarah Bradford and Corbin B. Cousky

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The long-established saying goes “age before beauty” and in the Wisconsin-Minnesota flag debate, this holds true. Wisconsin was a state 10 years before Minnesota, which gives our flag a more mature and practical flavor. I’m not saying that the Wisconsin flag is less attractive; let me explain. At first glance our flag may appear to be less artistic, but it is overall more innovative. Instead of loading all of the state symbols into one huge metaphorical landscape, the flag shows our history in a straight-up, tell-it-like-it-is Wisconsin style. There’s no messing around. Everyone can tell how the great Badger state has contributed to the nation through its chief industries of navigation, mining, agriculture and manufacturing without any flowery explanation. Oh, and we have a bigger font. Whatcha gonna do, Minnesota? -SB


So, needless to say, most state flags are pretty lame. Minnesota’s flag certainly isn’t groundbreaking or really that original, but man it’s classy. It also proves a lot.

First, it proves us Minnesotans are pretty proficient at math. The 19 stars in the seal represent that Minnesota is the 19th state since the original 13 colonies. We had to either add or subtract to get to that one.

Next, our flag proves that Minnesota knows its history. The flag has three dates: 1819 – which was when Fort Snelling was established – 1858 – when we became a state and 1893 – when the flag was made official.

Our flag certainly didn’t take much creativity, but it holds a lot in it. And if nothing else, it proves we can arrange 19 stars and not make it look awkward, which is harder than it sounds. – CBC

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