The perfect hand-warmers

Story by Frank F. Pellegrino and Brian Miller


By Frank F. Pellegrino

When it comes down to a debate between mittens and gloves, only one thing truly needs to be examined – which ones can keep your hands warmer?

And if you ask me, I think the answer is clearly mittens. Obviously the main difference between the two is that mittens allow four fingers to stay together, and if you have any knowledge of basic science, this equals warmth.

With four fingers together in the same area, they can work as a team to generate heat – far more heat than a single finger can manage on its own. This heat allows the four fingers on each hand to bask in the glory of their own cozy cocoon.

And a warm cocoon at that.

I’m sure Brian will try to argue that you can’t do as much with mittens on, but does that really matter? Then only time I ever need my mittens (or gloves, if you like cold fingers) is when I am outdoors and walking between destinations. Who is really trying to accomplish much with their hands in these situations, anyways? I don’t do any writing, or play basketball, or anything else that would require an entire hand when I am wearing them.

The only thing I could possibly do is answer my cell phone, and luckily the great inventor of the mitten had a solution for this. Mittens, with the thumb separate, still allow the user to complete basic functions with them on (drive, talk on phone, etc.).

Besides, who doesn’t like having all that extra space for their fingers to move around? Likewise, as an added bonus, mittens allow you to relive your mitten-filled childhood . every day!

Unless you are some iceman-winter-basketball player, to me, the answer is clear. Anyone who likes warm hands likes mittens.


By Brian Miller

Are you the kind of person who enjoys getting anything done, ever? Then you and I both understand the value of a solid pair of gloves. The amount of time spent outside during winter is always kept to a minimum, but that does not mean that you can simply forget about any responsibilities that require the use of more than just a thumb.

If you find a moment to pause for reflection while shuffling hurriedly from Hibbard to Davies, try to find an unfortunate friend in mittens. Watch with quiet wisdom as they struggle with the useless paddle that is four fingers combined as one.

See if they can isolate the correct key for their car door. Note how long it takes for them to rifle through and take something out of their backpack. And my personal favorite, imagine something being thrown at them unexpectedly and laugh (in your head) as they completely fail to catch whatever was headed in their direction.

Then use your gloves to stay warm and get all sorts of things done.

And finally, a quick note about fashion. By no means do I strive to have the trendiest of winter wear, but unless your style is ‘I am six years old’ – you should probably get yourself some gloves.