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Local belly dancing troupe gives free performance

Story by Sara Nemec

February 3, 2010

Posted at 11:00 p.m. 2/5/10 Belly dance is an ancient dance form that's roots can be traced back to gypsy tribes traveling through the Middle East and Europe. According to an article written by belly dance guru Tamar Shaan...

In review: Shades of Grey

Story by Carolyn Tiry

February 3, 2010

Posted at 11:30 p.m. 2/6/10 British author Jasper Fforde scored a comic hit with his first novel, The Eyre Affair, published in 2001. With that book, and the four sequels that followed, Fforde developed a unique voice in the wor...

In review: Transference

Story by Thom Fountain

February 3, 2010

Posted at 11:20 p.m. 2/8/10 Let me begin by saying I don't listen to Spoon. It's a travesty, I know. With that full disclosure out in the open, you may want to sit down for this next part. The Cold War Kids do it better. ...

Indie Defined

Story by Rob Hanson

January 27, 2010

I suspect that spending hours a day on a college campus or possibly living in the hometown of Bon Iver has something to do with the number of times I hear the term "indie" per day. It's also not surprising considering how often...

Genesis enchants viewers of all ages

Story by Danielle Ryan

January 27, 2010

When I walked out of Genesis, the Foster Gallery's most recent exhibit, I imagine I felt like Wendy or Michael did upon leaving Neverland. For a brief moment, I belonged to a captivating world of monsters and magical underwat...

Bon Iver brothers to open arts center

Story by Thom Fountain

January 27, 2010

While most of us were clinging to the final days of our winter breaks by sledding, ice skating and sleeping in until Jeopardy aired, Justin and Nate Vernon of the Eau Claire sensation Bon Iver decided to try and change the fac...

Ask anything

Story by The Spectator staff

January 27, 2010

When starting class this week, I (as usual) found the cutest girl in the class and went to sit next to her. I chose a seat next to her and gave her a smile. Unfortunately, the gentleman on the other side of me had breath that sme...

In review: Persepolis

Story by Scott Hansen

January 27, 2010

At the heart of the 2007 French film "Persepolis" is a commentary on how Islamic fundamentalists changed Iran by becoming repressive tyrants after the 1979 Iranian revolution. Making this resonate with those who haven't been through...

Sunday School rock

Story by Janie Boschma

January 27, 2010

If you don't like The Daredevil Christopher Wright, it's probably because you haven't heard them. At least that's the theory of sophomore Daniel Putman, a fan who has seen Daredevil live eight times in the past year. "Everybody...

Where to get a hot drink fix

Story by David Taintor and Thom Fountain

January 27, 2010

Racy D'lene's Coffee Lounge by David Taintor Upon graduating college this spring, there are a number of things I'll fondly remember: singing in the Symphonic Choir, getting to host a radio show on WUEC and, not least of all...

Vampire Weekend’s sophomore album a success

Story by Thom Fountain

January 27, 2010

Posted at 7:30 p.m. 1/29/10 Vampire Weekend's debut self-titled album is a bit of a dancer. Ezra Koenig and Co. took their afro-beat influences and tweaked them into a pure pop masterpiece. Contra, Vampire Weekend's sophomore attempt off XL Re...

Winter survival guide

Story by Heather Mawhiney

December 9, 2009

Now that winter break is finally approaching, we can look forward to month after month and inch after frozen inch of snow. This often conjures up images of slipping on patches of hidden ice or getting snow in your boots, encoura...

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