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Odor of marijuana and a hit-and-run

Kyra Price

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Odor of marijuana

At approximately 10:15 p.m. on Feb. 9, two officers were dispatched to a drug investigation. The Communications Center advised that they meet the resident assistant at the front entrance.

The RA reported that they detected an odor of marijuana coming from a room about five minutes before the officers’ arrival. The officers went to the hallway and one smelled several door frames but was unable to detect the odor.

The officer smelled the door frame to the reported room and detected the odor. They knocked on the door, which was answered by a male subject. When he opened the door, the officer noticed the odor of burnt marijuana grew stronger.

The officer noticed another male sitting in the back of the room. The officers introduced themselves and explained the reason for the contact. They asked for consent to enter the room and were given permission.

When inside the room, the officer asked the subjects if they had been smoking marijuana, which they both denied. 

The officer asked the first subject for consent to search his items in the room. The subject gave permission and showed the officer which side of the room was his.

The officer conducted a search and could not locate anything of interest. The subject emptied his pockets voluntarily, which held nothing of interest.

The officers answered any questions they had and ended the contact.

Hit-and-run on Clairemont

At approximately 7:45 a.m. on Feb. 10, an officer heard a broadcast for a hit-and-run crash near campus. The Communications Center said that the offending vehicle was a gray Subaru that continued eastbound on Clairemont after the crash.

The officer drove to Clairemont and saw a Buick parked on University Dr. just north of Clairemont. 

The driver gestured for the officer to stop, but she continued onto Clairemont to look for the offended video, as she knew the city police were on the way to make contact with the driver.

The officer drove east on Clairemont, then made a u-turn at Patton Street to drive west. As she drove west on Clairemont, there was debris in the roadway, including the emblem of what appeared to be a Subaru.

The officer made contact with the driver because she was concerned that she was stopped closer to the intersection than was safe. She advised that the driver move her vehicle to a parking spot in front of McPhee-Olson Complex and she said she would.

The driver told the officer that the striking vehicle continued on Clairemont Avenue, and she pointed to the west. The officer relayed this information to the Communications Center since the broadcast said the vehicle went east.

The officer drove to the 800 block of University Dr. as the Communications Center had updated the broadcast information to include information from a second caller who saw the gray Subaru parked near 851 University Dr.

She searched University Drive, Towers lot, Oak Ridge lot, Governors lot and the Sacred Heart front parking areas. She also searched on Heights Drive and in the nearby parking lots.

The officer searched the frontage road along the north side of Clairemont Avenue in the vicinity of the state building. She did not see a gray Subaru with front-end damage, so she cleared the scene.

Later that day, the officer alerted the parking manager at Blugold Central to be on the lookout for a gray Subaru with front-end damage. The manager said she would share the information with the student employees who enforce parking.

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