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UW system COVID-19 vaccination rate and testing update

Cade Fisher

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The news column “COVID on campus” posts relevant COVID-19 news every week for UWEC students.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been around for over two years. This new normal has caused a great need for adapting, and university campuses are no exception. Each University of Wisconsin school varies in their preparations for the pandemic and their COVID-19 rates. 

UW-Eau Claire

As of Feb. 26, UW-Eau Claire’s COVID-19 dashboard stated that 88.8% of the student body is vaccinated. Throughout the month of February, there were 2,536 COVID-19 tests administered and 16 positive cases.

The COVID-19 dashboard for UW-Eau Claire also gave information on the amount of individuals quarantined and isolated. The dashboard defines quarantine as “appropriate to separate individuals who may have had contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19” and “isolation is required if a person is displaying symptoms and is awaiting test results.”

The highest number of people who were quarantined in one day was 10 on Feb. 22 and the highest number of people who were isolated was 19 on Feb. 3 and Feb. 4. The data showed all cases currently active and not just the newly discovered cases.

UW-Green Bay, UW-La Crosse and UW-Madison

On the COVID-19 database for UW-Green Bay, the student vaccination rate was listed at 75% with the faculty vaccination rate at 79%. The amount of COVID-19 tests given was not listed.

As of Feb. 26, UW-La Crosse says that their student body has a 82% vaccination rate according to its COVID-19 dashboard. The dashboard also stated they have had 156 positive cases recorded in the month of February.

The UW-Madison COVID-19 dashboard said 95.6% of its student body and 96.6% of their faculty are vaccinated.

As of Feb. 26, UW-Madison has given 10,825 COVID-19 tests and 759 of those tests were positive for the month of February.

UW-Milwaukee, UW-Oshkosh and UW-Parkside

According to UW-Milwaukee’s COVID-19 database, 95% of students are vaccinated and 84% of faculty vaccinated. This is the only listed UW school with a higher student vaccination rate than faculty vaccination rate.

The cumulative number of COVID-19 tests conducted for the month of February was 3,259 with 90 of those tests being positive.

UW-Oshkosh’s COVID-19 database listed both vaccination rates and testing data. According to its database, the total rate of students vaccinated is 74% and the faculty’s rate is 78%.

They had a cumulative number of 768 COVID-19 tests given in February and 29 of them were positive, as of Feb. 27.

UW-Parkside does not have its current student vaccination rate on their dashboard, however, the student vaccination rate was 73% on Oct. 27 based on the UW system.

The cumulative tests that were conducted at UW-Parkside in February totaled 531 with 29 positive cases, as of Feb. 27, on the UW-Parkside COVID-19 database.

UW-Platteville, UW-River Falls and UW-Stevens Point

UW-Platteville does not have its student vaccination rate displayed on its dashboard, but the UW system showed a 54% student vaccination rate as of Oct. 27. UW-Platteville is the only listed UW school to have never passed the 70% goal for the “70 for 70” campaign.

There were 742 COVID-19 tests taken at UW-Platteville with 32 of them being positive as of Feb. 27.

According to the UW-River Falls COVID dashboard, 68.3% of students are vaccinated and 86.3% faculty have been vaccinated. The dashboard also stated the student vaccination rates have decreased due to student population changes from fall to spring semester.

According to the UW-Stevens Point’s COVID-19 database, there were 606 COVID tests given and eight of them were positive as of Feb. 27

The student vaccination rate is not currently listed on the UW-Stevens Point COVID-19 database, but the UW system had the university at 71% on Oct. 27.

UW-Stout, UW-Superior and UW-Whitewater

On the COVID-19 database for the UW-Stout, the student vaccination rate is listed at 82% and the faculty vaccination rate is 93%. 

Both of the UW-Superior and UW-Whitewater don’t have their own COVID-19 databases. The vaccination rates listed by the UW system are 70% for UW-Superior and 74% for UW-Whitewater.

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