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A missing fish tank holder and parking on the sidewalk


Missing fish tank holder

An employee of Nature Academy contacted an officer on March 18 to report a stolen fish tank holder. The fish tank holder had been ordered off of Amazon and was to be used in the facility once it arrived.

The employee stated that the package required a signature to be delivered. On March 3, it was indicated that it had been delivered and that her name had been signed. 

The employee said her last name was signed incorrectly. She said she had not been the one to sign.

At the time of the signing that was recorded in her tracking information, typically no employee would be in the building. The last staff member leaves around 5:20 p.m., and the signing occured at 5:34 p.m. 

The employee said she asked her staff members about it, but none of them said they had signed for the package.

Packages are typically delivered to the front door, the employee  said, but could have been left at Central Receiving, which is on the main campus. 

The officer contacted Central Receiving, as well as an employee at Priory Hall. Both said they were not aware of the package. The Priory Hall employee said he did not know of the location, but believed he would have been made aware if they had the fish tank holder, given the size of the package.

The Priory Hall employee later contacted the officer. He said that the package had been delivered to a room in the Priory and that someone had signed for it. 

The officer contacted the Nature Academy employee to let her know of the package’s location. The property information was updated to reflect the finding. 

Parking on the sidewalk

A UW-Eau Claire employee contacted an officer on March 18 to report an illegally parked vehicle. They stated that it was parked at the entrance to Putnam Park, which is an outdoor classroom area. 

The officer went to the area and observed the vehicle. The vehicle was parked on the grass. The officer noted that there was no way for a vehicle to enter this area other than by driving on the sidewalk.

The officer also noticed that the vehicle had a UW-Eau Claire face mask hanging in the vehicle, as well as stickers on the outside of the vehicle, likely indicating the car belonged to a UW-Eau Claire student. 

The vehicle was unoccupied. The officer looked up the owner of the vehicle and found that the vehicle was registered to someone outside of the area. 

After looking through CampS, the officer found that there was a student with an address matching that of the person who the vehicle was registered to.

He contacted the student about the vehicle. The student said she did park there. She said it was because she was “filming something for a biology class.”

The student received a ticket and was told she needed to move the vehicle, or it would be towed. The officer also told her that it was not legal to operate and park on a sidewalk. The vehicle was removed and then was cleared. 

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