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Phishing scam, false burglar alarms and an intoxicated person


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Phishing scam concern

At 5:10 p.m. on Nov. 5, an officer was dispatched because of a phishing scam via teleservice.

The caller told the officer she received an email about a dog-sitting opportunity that would pay $300 a week. 

At approximately 2 p.m., the caller said she replied to the email and provided her name, gender, address and phone number.

Then, the caller said she had not received any information back and believed the email was a scam. 

She then said she has not seen anyone out of the ordinary outside of her house. She also has not had anyone attempt to contact her. 

The officer had informed her to call if she had any further information or concerns regarding this incident.

Initially, the officer was dispatched to this case because the Communication Center believed a

uwec.edu e-mail address was involved, but after talking with the caller, they discovered the email addresses involved had cvtc.edu and gmail.com in them.  

The information did not appear to be involved with UW-Eau Claire in any way, but it was still reported. 

Officer responds to false burglar alarm  

At 7:13 a.m. on Nov. 10, an officer was dispatched to the University Bookstore at the Davies Student Center for a burglar alarm investigation.

The Center said the burglar alarm on the back door entrance to the bookstore was activated. The officer arrived and observed normal traffic coming in and out of Davies, then proceeded to enter through the back entrance from the loading dock station leading toward the bookstore. 

When arriving at the back door entrance, the officer was approached by a UWEC locksmith who said he was conducting water pipe inspection for leakage and accidentally opened the door that activated the burglar alarm. 

The locksmith said at the time, he thought it was a different room and not the bookstore. 

While discussing the incident, the bookstore manager arrived on scene and was filled in on what happened. 

After the conversation, the officer then cleared the scene. 

Intoxicated person check 

 At 2:03 a.m. on Nov. 13, two officers were conducting a foot patrol around Schofield Hall and the 100 block of Garfield Ave.  

The officers had observed a male subject struggling to walk as he was heading eastbound on Garfield Ave. The subject would stumble over his feet and lean heavily in the direction he was walking, which made him speed up quickly and almost fall.  

The subject also was walking while using a cell phone, which he would drop on the ground often. When he picked it up, he would almost fall to the ground. The officers then stopped him near the sprites statue in the campus mall.

The subject was identified by his Wisconsin driver’s license, which said he recently turned 21 years old. He said he was coming from Water St. and walking home. 

He had sat down on a bench and said he was able to walk home, but appeared intoxicated. However, it appeared he was able to care for himself and to hold a conversation without any difficulty. 

The officers found the subject was a UWEC student and had no wants and he wasn’t on probation. Therefore, the officers released him, and he proceeded to walk home.  

Later during their patrol, officers observed the subject arrive at his residence.  

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