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Student Senate holds unofficial vote on new logo

Robin Armagost

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Photo by Robin Armagost

A photo from The Spectator archives of Student Senate. Student Senate will be voting on a new piece of legislation, which addresses the racially charged Snapchat conversation between Blugold football players, on Monday.

Which one do you like more — or dislike, rather: the footbridge or the hill?

Monday night, the Student Senate introduced the bill for next week’s meeting  — voting on the new Student Senate logo.

Two different designs were presented to the senators to choose from. One depicts the footbridge on campus with “UW-Eau Claire Student Senate” adjacent to it. The other is of the hill going to upper campus with Hilltop and the Karlgaard Towers in the background and “UW-Eau Claire Student Senate” above it.

The Student Senate president, Charlie Johnson, said that there were no copyright issues with either logos.

The unofficial vote was 23-1-8 in favor of the logo of the hill with Hilltop and Towers in the background.

Next week they will have an official vote on the bill.

There were no open forums, reports or unfinished business.

Chief of Staff Justin Schilling, the chief of staff announced that there will now be senator check-ins, meaning that all senators, excluding directors, will have to have a check in with Schilling before the end of the semester.

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