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Mysterious persons, twirler hopefuls and bike thiefs

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The following information was obtained from the UW-Eau Claire Police Department records.

Library Break-in

An officer observed a subject enter McIntyre Library outside of posted operating hours on March 26. Hours for the library during spring break are posted as being 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

An officer was reviewing recorded security camera footage of the main entrance to McIntyre Library on March 26 when the officer observed a male subject enter the security camera’s view at 3:35 a.m. the same day. It appeared that the subject had entered the library from behind the main reception desk area.

The officer observed the subject press the call button for the elevators located on the first floor of McIntyre Library on March 26, then enter the elevator and leave the security camera’s view.

The officer then reviewed the recorded security camera footage of the Vicki Lord Larson Hall. He observed the same subject enter the security camera’s view while walking in the main hallway at 3:32 a.m.

The subject appeared to be an older male with a grey beard, balding and wearing glasses. The subject was observed to be wearing blue jeans, a black and red winter jacket and a black backpack with a large white skull logo on the back.

The officer observed that it appeared the subject exited from Vicki Lord Larson Hall utilizing the main entrance along 100 Garfield Hall.

The officer then reviewed the recorded security camera footage from the Blugold Central “Deposit Box” camera. He observed the same subject enter the security camera’s view at 3:30 a.m.

It appeared as thought the subject had been walking from the area of the breezeway that connects Vicki Lord Larson Hall to Schofield Hall. The officer watched the subject turn several lights on near the Blugold Central Deposit Box, after which the subject disappeared from the security camera’s view into the hallway where a service elevator is located.

Shortly after, the officer observed the subject reappear and walk towards the north service exit. He observed the subject attempt to pull on several doors before walking back down the hallways towards the library.

The officer was unable to locate any other recorded security camera footage of the subject. 

The officer contacted several officers from the Eau Claire Police Department in an attempt of making a possible identification of the unknown subject. One ECPD officer advised that he would make contact with Sojourner House staff to try to make an identification. 

The ECPD officer said the Sojourner House staff stated that the subject “definitely” looked familiar but could not provide a name at the time. 

The officer thanked the ECPD officer for assistance and returned to reviewing the footage. In the review, the officer saw that it appeared as though the subject had entered the library from either the loading zone entrances or a service door which had not been secured.

Twirling plunder

On March 28 at about 8:36 p.m., Officer 1 was contacted by Officer 2 in regard to a check person case. Officer 2 advised that he had observed a male subject walking southbound along the 500 block of University Drive carrying what appeared to be an orange, UW-Eau Claire sidewalk marker.

Officer 2 advised that the subject had been using the orange marker as a walking stick and had been twirling it around in the air. Officer 2 advised that he had last seen the subject near the intersection of University Drive and W. Clairemont Avenue.

Officer 1 traveled to the location stated and observed a male subject carrying an orange, UW-Eau Claire sidewalk marker that is utilized during the winter months.

Officer 1 made contact with the subject and explained the reason for contact. The subject identified himself, advising that he had located the orange sidewalk marker laying on the sidewalk near Phillips Hall.

The subject stated that he did not know what the orange marker was used for and decided to use it as a walking stick. Officer 1 advised the subject that the marker was used for snow removal during winter months.

The subject stated he had no idea and apologized for taking the marker. He stated that he had been on campus for a “Brandcon” meeting at Phillips Hall that had been scheduled for 8 p.m.

The subject advised the traditional location of the meetings, but was unable to remember the exact room number. He then handed officer 1 the marker while apologizing for using it as a walking stick.

The subject also advised that he had observed numerous orange markers either laying on the sidewalk or grass around campus. Officer 1 asked if the subject had any questions, to which he responded negatively.

Officer 1 then cleared the scene and returned the orange marker to the UW-Eau Claire Facilities Department for storage during the spring and summer months.

Bye-bye bike

An officer was dispatched to Sutherland Hall for a stolen bicycle case on March 31 at about 4:49 p.m. The officer arrived on scene and met with the female subject who stated her bicycle was stolen.

The subject described her bike as a pink Fuji Addy women’s mountain bike and gave the officer the serial number. She stated the bicycle had been lock up at the bicycle shelter located on the west side of Sutherland.

The subject stated that she last saw the bicycle approximately mid December. She stated that she went to check her bicycle that day and noticed it was missing.

The subject stated that it had been locked up with a cable lock and showed the officer the lock. The officer reported that the cable lock was likely cut with a bolt cutter or similar tool.

The subject stated that she did not give anyone permission to take her bicycle and did not know who took it. She stated that the replacement value of the bicycle is about $370.

The officer explained to the subject that stolen bicycles are sometimes sold on Craigslist and similar websites. The subject responded that she would search those website and notify the campus police if she located it.

The officer provided the subject with a business card with the case number and answered her questions. After conducting a records check on the serial number, the officer did not receive any results.

The officer also searched Craigslist for the bicycle yet did not find any matches.

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