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Deceit, fisticuffs and fires


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The following information was obtained from the UW-Eau Claire Police Department records.

‘Holmes’-ing into Horan

An officer was conducting a random vehicle patrol near the Heating Plant and the Towers lot when he detected the smell of marijuana on March 5, around 6:10 p.m.

The officer conducted a search of the area, but was unable to pinpoint the smell to any specific vehicle or person.

Around 6:38 p.m., the officer was contacted by a resident assistant from Horan Hall. The resident assistant said she would be waiting in the hall director’s office regarding the smell of marijuana in the first floor hallway.

Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the resident assistant, who said she had been in the first floor hallway, where she had detected a strong smell of marijuana. She was not able to determine which room the smell came from, but noted the smell was strongest near the lobby area.

The officer smelled around several door frames on the first floor, finding the door with the strongest smell of marijuana. The officer also felt a cold draft coming from the door frame.

The officer knocked, and the resident assistant opened the door, who then identified himself with his driver’s license. Subject 1 said he was the sole resident of the room.

The officer introduced himself and explained why he was there. Subject 1 said his friend was also in the room.

The officer asked for consent to enter the room, but was initially denied access by Subject 1. Subject 1 then allowed the officer in after changing his mind, saying he would allow the officer to enter in order to maintain privacy.

Once inside the room, the officer noted the stronger odor of marijuana. He also noted that Subjects 1 and 2’s eyes were extremely red and glossy.

The officer asked if the subjects had been smoking marijuana within the room. Subject 2 said he had just arrived in the room before the officer knocked. He said he had a cold and his contact lenses had been bugging him, which was why his eyes were red and glossy.

Subject 1 confirmed Subject 2 had just arrived. The officer also asked Subject 1 if he had been smoking marijuana in the room, to which he responded negatively. The officer then asked Subject 1 if he had been smoking marijuana in his vehicle or outside.

Subject 1 said he had been smoking with several friends in his vehicle. Subject 1 said his vehicle was parked in the southeast corner of the Oak Ridge Hall Lot. This was where the officer first smelled marijuana 25 minutes prior.

The officer asked Subject 2 if he had been smoking with Subject 1 in his vehicle. Subject 2 denied any involvement with marijuana usage, as he had just been diverted by the UW-Eau Claire Police Department’s marijuana program.

The officer asked Subject 1 for consent to search the room for drug-related items. Subject 1 said he would not give consent to a search of the room at that time. The officer asked Subject 1 what drug items or paraphernalia were in his vehicle, to which he responded that there was one and a half joints, along with marijuana in a plastic bag.

Subject 1 said he couldn’t remember if he smoked both joints or not. The officer asked if Subject 1 had a grinder or pipe, to which Subject 1 responded negatively. Subject 1 identified his vehicle to the officer, and Subject 2 was told he was free to leave.

Once Subject 2 left the room, the officer conducted a pat-down of Subject 1’s outer clothing for weapons before escorting him out to the squad car.

The officer then helped Subject 1 into the rear passenger compartment of the car. Subject 1 then pointed out his vehicle in the southeast corner of the Oak Ridge Hall Lot.

The officer assisted Subject 1 out of the squad car, after which Subject 1 unlocked his vehicle. Subject 1 pointed out where he was keeping the drug paraphernalia and marijuana. The officer observed a small black water container on the driver’s side floor board.

The officer opened the container and observed a glass pipe with burn residue, and several empty plastic bags inside. The officer also observed a plastic bag containing plant material, followed by several empty rolling paper packages.

The officer took custody of the glass pipe and the bag containing the plant material, then conducted a search of the vehicle. He found another empty plastic bag in the center console.

A records check revealed that Subject 1 and his vehicle were both valid with no wants. Subject 1 did not have any prior drug related offenses.

The officer completed an Eau Claire County Proxy form for Subject 1, who scored as a medium risk of reoffending. The officer told Subject 1 he was eligible to participate in the Eau Claire County Diversion Program.

Subject 1 said he wished to participate in the program and signed the Diversion Agreement form after the officer read it to him.

The officer asked if Subject 1 had any further questions or concerns, to which he responded negatively. The officer took custody of the drug related items and left the scene.

Combat by Murray

Officer 1 was contacted by student patrol on March 9 regarding a fight between three males occurring outside of Murray Hall. The officer went to the area to see if he could locate any  of the individuals involved.

When Officer 1 arrived in the area, student patrol informed the officer the individuals were traveling toward Marilyn Kaarlgard Towers. Officer 1 looked in the area between Murray Hall and Towers, but was unable to find anyone matching the description.

Officer 1 met with student patrol outside of Towers and was told the group just entered the building before his arrival. Student patrol described two of the individuals as white males, one wearing a yellow hoodie, and the third being a male who appeared to be heavily intoxicated.

It appeared to the student patrol that the subjects knew each other and were walking together. Officer 1 then went into Towers Hall South and looked for individuals matching the description on the first floor and basement. He was unable to locate anyone matching the description that was provided.

Officer 1 check with the security check-in desk and Officer 2 checked the front desk. Neither had seen anyone who matched the description. The officers then cleared the scene.

Tea Time Troubles

Officers were dispatched to a fire alarm in the Human Sciences and Services building on March 8 at about 5:57 p.m.

When Officer 1 arrived on scene, he was approached by an occupant of the building who said he had seen a moderate amount of smoke on the first floor of the building.

Officer 1 entered the building and checked the alarm panel, which indicated a smoke alarm had been activated. Officer 1 then waited for the fire department to arrive on scene

When the fire department arrived, Officer 2 gave a firefighter his keys so they could unlock doors as necessary. After their evaluation, a firefighter said a tea kettle had melted and caused the smoke.

The tea kettle was left on a burner, which was on high heat. Officer 1 spoke to a group of employees, and no one knew anything about the tea that was made, or who made it.

The firefighters ventilated the building and cleared the building of smoke. Officer 1 reset the alarm after a firefighter indicated it was okay to do so. Officer 1 then entered the building and was taken to the room where the fire occurred by a firefighter and located the tea kettle.

After taking a picture of the tea kettle, Officer 1 cleared the scene.

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