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Elevator malfunctions and snow rescues


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The following information was obtained from the UW-Eau Claire Police Department records.

Elevator Escape

Two officers responded to a call about two people being trapped in a freight elevator in Davies Center at about 6:02 p.m. on March 1.

The officers arrived on scene and met with the caller on the fourth floor, where the elevator was stuck. The elevator was slightly ajar, so the two people inside could communicate with the officer. The officer checked if anyone required medical attention, which they said they did not.

Officer 1 left to look for the elevator panel in order to turn off the elevator. Officer 2 found the panel inside of the bookstore, which also set off the alarm. Officer 2 contacted the communication center and the bookstore manager to inform them that the officers were the ones to trigger the alarm.

Officer 2 turned the elevator off, then waited about 15 seconds before turning it back on. This allowed the elevator to move and the people inside were able to exit the elevator.

Officer 1 met and identified the individuals from the elevator. He asked if the two were okay and if they needed medical attention again, which they did not. The officers then cleared the scene.

The two individuals were in the elevator for about 25 minutes after the officers arrived due to difficulty finding the elevator panel.

About 30 minutes after the officers cleared the scene, they received another call from the caller stating that the elevator was stuck again. However, this time no one was on it.

Officer 2 returned to the elevator panel and reset the elevator again. Officer 1 informed the custodial staff that they would be doing one last trip with the elevator, then they would shut it down for the weekend.

Officer 1 informed the staff that, if the elevator would have any more issues, the elevator company would need to handle them due to the location of the panel being in the bookstore and the bookstore alarm being activated in order to access the panel.

The caller said he would contact the elevator company to request maintenance. The officers then cleared the scene again.

Situations in the Snow

An officer was conducting a random vehicle patrol in the Davies Center Lot on Feb. 26 at about 9:19 p.m. and observed headlights along the 800 block of Putnam Drive.

The officer also observed a male subject attempting to shovel around a vehicle that was stuck in the snow. The officer noted that both the 700 and 800 block of Putnam Drive had not been plowed for several weeks.

The officer then traveled eastword along the 800 block of Putnam Drive and stopped  west of the wooden footbridge. He observed a blue 2008 Ford Escape with a Wisconsin plate stuck in the snow just east of the footbridge. The officer exited his car and made contact with the driver, who identified himself verbally.

The subject said he lived in the area and had previously traveled on Putnam Drive before getting stuck. The subject said he did not know the 800 block of Putnam Drive had not been plowed and attempted to drive through the snow-covered road anyway.

The subject said he got stuck about 40 feet from the unplowed roadway. He said he had been attempting to shovel around the exterior of his vehicle, but was unsuccessful in freeing it.

The officer advised the subject that, due to the excessive amount of snow, a tow company would need to respond to remove the vehicle. The subject said he understood and contacted roadside assistance through his insurance company.

The subject told the officer a towing business would respond to the 800 block of Putnam Drive to free his vehicle from the snow. The subject said that it would be about 45 minutes until the tow service arrived.

The officer conducted a records check on both the subject and his vehicle. The officer determined both the subject and the vehicle were valid and with no wants.

The officer advised the subject to contact the UW-Eau Claire police department once the towing service arrived on scene in order to assist with removing the vehicle.

About 20 minutes later, the towing service arrived on scene to remove the vehicle from the street. After the towing service moved the vehicle, the officer placed several cones at the East entrance to the 800 block of Putnam Drive in an attempt to prevent anyone else from traveling down Putnam Drive. The officer then cleared from the scene.

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