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Lost goods and found substances

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Lauren Spierings

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Police Blotter

Photo by Submitted

Photo by Submitted

Photo by Submitted


The following information was obtained from UW-Eau Claire Police Department records.

Mischief in Murray Hall

At approximately 5 p.m. on Feb. 3, two campus officers were dispatched to Murray Hall for a drug case after a caller stated the smell of marijuana was coming from a room, which had been investigated the day prior for the same complaint.

Upon arrival, the officers went to the indicated room and found the door open. One officer looked inside and saw a male subject inside the room. The officer asked for the subject to step into the hall to speak with both of them, to which he agreed.

The subject confirmed he was the resident of the room and his roommate was not currently present. After indicating their purpose for being there, the officers asked the subject if he possessed any marijuana in the room, to which he admitted affirmatively.

The subject allowed the officers entrance to the room, and indicated the marijuana was behind a dresser door after being prompted for its location. The subject also stated he had closer to an ounce of marijuana, whereas earlier he had indicated he possessed a gram.

The subject confirmed all of the items on the same side of the room as the dresser were his. One officer asked if the subject would allow them to collect the marijuana and search his side of the room. The subject gave consent.

That officer found a Ziploc bag containing a small amount of marijuana, with a glass pipe next to it, in the dresser drawer. The pipe had burnt marijuana residue in the bowl. The officers found nothing else on the subject’s side of the room.

The subject told the officers he had no prior arrests or citations for marijuana. The Communication Center confirmed this, stating the subject did not have any warrants and was not on probation.

One officer read the Eau Claire County Diversion Program Agreement form to the subject, who said he was willing to participate in the program. The subject was given an education session and a copy of the form. After asking if the subject had any further questions, the officers left the building and brought the confiscated items to the police department.

Lost Wallet

A campus officer was given a found wallet by a UW-Eau Claire Housing staff member at 12:08 p.m. on Feb. 5. The wallet was found by a custodian who had passed it onto the staff member, who did not know the location where the wallet had been found.

The officer conducted an inventory search of the wallet and found a driver’s license inside with the owner’s name. There was no money inside; instead, the wallet contained additional miscellaneous cards.

The officer found that the inside of the wallet was wet, though dry on the outside. The UW-Eau Claire Housing staff member had placed the wallet into a plastic bag for the officer, due to the unknown substance on the wallet.

The Housing staff member indicated she had called the owner and left a voice message on the owner’s phone. The staff member also sent the owner of the wallet an email to indicate the wallet had been turned in. The owner had yet to respond to the messages.

The officer asked for the staff member to send another email to notify the owner of the wallet that the wallet would be with the University Police. After taking the wallet into possession, the officer took note that the wallet was black and made of leather.

The officer then called the owner’s number to notify him of its location with the University Police.

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