This week on Blugold Radio Sunday

(The following is a news release obtained from Blugold Radio Sunday.)

Blugold Radio Sunday News will look back at Wisconsin’s election. News Director Kailin Schumacher will gather the results to discuss on Sunday’s broadcast of Blugold Radio Sunday from 5 to 9 p.m. on 89.7 FM WUEC.

Along with a political update from Blugold Radio Sunday News, Sunday’s broadcast will feature:

  • “Spin Cycle” hosted by Scarlett Bahma and Patric Lemarsh, will be talking about Ariana Grande’s new song, “Thank U, Next,” that coincidentally was released 20 minutes before her ex, Pete Davidson, was about to go on Saturday Night Live.
  • “The Album Analyzer” hosted by Oscar Sexauer will be reviewing the album “FM!” by Vince Staples.
  • Hosts Bailey Rieger-Borer and Marin Munos of “Blugold Literary Broadcast” will be attending Adult Story Telling Night at Volume One, which will feature a plethora of spooky stories. Rieger-Boerer and Munos will then evaluate what they heard at the event.
  • “Irresistible Inquiries” hosted by Jared Kendrick and Benny Ramirez will be bringing to light the question of “What’s with bibles in hotels?”
  • “Homescreen on Air” hosted by Joshua Krien will be covering the Blizzcon release of Diablo: Immortal as well as comparing 2018 to other years in gaming.
  • “Eau Claire Meets the World” hosted by Beatrice Lai and Joshua Liewe will be discussing the culture of Indonesia.
  • “In Their Shoes” hosted by Bailey Rieger-Borer will be picking up from her segment last week — which included a cop ride-along — with a second part to her episode.
  • “Tea Time” hosted by Kathy Ngo will be discussing astrology, magic and tarot with David Severson.

Blugold Radio Sunday provides entertainment and informative content in each week’s broadcast from UW-Eau Claire.