This week on Blugold Radio Sunday

Weather, music reviews among topics discussed this week

(This news release was obtained from Blugold Radio Sunday.)


Snow made its way out of the sky this past weekend and with that brings sadness to many Eau Claire citizens not ready for winter to begin. In relation to the weather outside, host of The Album Analyzer Oscar Sexauer will be doing a throwback review on Sunday of a so-called sad music album, Blind EP by Leon Power.

Along with an in-depth music review on The Album Analyzer, Sunday’s broadcast will include the following features:

  • Sunday Matinee, hosted by Tyler Tolan and Kyle Grokowsky, will include a review of First Man and Bad Times at the El Royale which are both in theatres now.
  • Hosts Scarlett Bahma and Patric LeMarsh of Spin Cycle will discuss the recent news that has shocked everyone’s Twitter feed — Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are no longer together.
  • On Rock Talk, Tyler Bee and Andrew Moen will talk about how Lindsay Buckingham is trying to file a lawsuit against Fleetwood Mac for kicking him off of the band’s new tour.
  • Host of “Millennial Confessional” Bailey Reiger-Borer will be responding to the recent National Public Radio segment on techniques and strategies for gun control in high schools. Reiger-Borer will discuss how ideas in the report relate to what could be done on college campuses.
  • “Tea Time,” hosted by Victoria Jones and Kathy Ngo, will take a look at the behind the scenes of social media including: the glow-up, influencers and advertisements.
  • Jon Fortier, Tyler Bee, and Shayne Holtzman will be discussing recent sports updates on their segment, “The Final Whistle.” The three will look back at Major League Baseball’s League Championship Series, including the Milwaukee Brewers-Los Angeles Dodgers series, and look ahead to The World Series.
  • On “The Producer’s Panel,” Clara Neupert, Jon Fortier and Matt Hordyke will get into a discussion about the issue of stress and time management that students constantly face.

At the top of each hour, News Director Kailin Schumacher will anchor Blugold Radio Sunday News. Blugold Radio Sunday provides entertainment and informative content in each week’s broadcast from UW-Eau Claire.