This week on Blugold Radio Sunday

BRS’ upcoming live broadcast features shows about music, movies and entertainment

(This news release was obtained from Blugold Radio Sunday.)

Students of Blugold Radio Sunday will be going live Sunday, Oct. 7 from 5 to 9 p.m. on 89.7 FM WUEC.

On the UW-Eau Claire campus this week, students are busy with nonstop activities to celebrate Homecoming. News Director Kailin Schumacher will report on all that students experienced during the week in order to prepare for the Homecoming game Saturday, Oct. 6.

Along with news updates, Sunday’s broadcast will include the following features:

  • “Sunday Matinee,” hosted by Tyler Tolan and Kyle Grokowsky, will take a look at the new film “A Star is Born” and compare it to the 20th century versions of the film. The two hosts will also be discussing another new release for the weekend — “Venom.”
  • Hosts Scarlett Bahma and Patric LeMarsh of “Spin Cycle” will be filling all in on what the Kardashian family has been up to.
  • On “Rock Talk,” Tyler Bee will talk about the new 2019 world tour just announced by Shinedown.
  • “Get Organized,” hosted by Max Penneroud, is bringing in Madeline Neve from the UW-Eau Claire women’s rugby team to outline what their season has in store.
  • “On The Album Analyzer” host Oscar Sexauer will go over how musician Kanye West had a recent mental breakdown this past weekend.
  • “Tea Time,” hosted by Victoria Jones and Kathy Ngo, will take a look at how Adam Levine is back and better than ever in the music industry.
  • Jon Fortier, Tyler Bee, and Shayne Holtzman will be discussing recent sports updates on their segment, “The Final Whistle.” The three will focus on the Green Bay Packers game and what their predictions are for the Major League Baseball playoff series.


At the top of each hour, News Director Kailin Schumacher will anchor Blugold Radio Sunday News. Blugold Radio Sunday provides entertainment and informative content in each week’s broadcast from UW-Eau Claire.