Student Senate passes revised ‘Twelve Points’

The document provides procedural guidelines specific to Student Senate

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Photo by Kar Wei Cheng

Student Senate passed a resolution in support of National Coming Out Day by a vote of 22-0-2.

Student Senate on Monday passed a resolution to adopt the revised “Twelve Points of Student Senate,” which is a document guiding Senate members on procedural customs.

The Twelve Points were originally adopted during Senate’s 47th Session, and it’s currently in its 62nd Session.

According to the resolution, the revised guidelines are in response to “changes in State Law, staffing changes, and cultural changes.”

Senator Justin Vue, the author of the resolution, explained the purpose of the Twelve Points and introduced new revisions.

“This is just to ensure the whole Student Senate is accountable to knowing our roles and responsibilities,” Vue said.

One revision states that both senators and the student body hold power over the executive, where it previously stated that just senators held the power over the executive.

Another revision replaced the phrase “Disagree with ideas, not the individual” with “Challenge the idea, not the individual.”

The resolution states that a copy of the Twelve Points will be given to each senator, something Academic Affairs Director David Miller said he supported.

“I especially like the part of the resolution that this will be given to all new directors and senators, Miller said. “I’ve been in Student Senate for three years now and I’ve never seen this before.”

The resolution passed 24-1-1.


Resolution in support of National Coming Out Day

Senate passed a resolution in support of National Coming Out Day, which is this coming Thursday.

Anna Ziebell, the Senate Chair for the Equity in Student Matters commission, introduced the resolution.

“It’s really important to remember that we are senators representing the entire student body and that includes our LGBTQIA+ community.”

Senator Mackenzie Mevis spoke in support of the resolution.

“It’s a great way to make everyone feel welcome and really make Eau Claire feel like home for them,” Mevis said.

The resolution passed 22-0-2.


Other news:

  • Senate passed a resolution in support of National Disability Employment Awareness Month. The resolution passed 22-0-1.
  • A bill in support of the Fall Legislative Priority Summary was tabled for one week.