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Madeline Fuerstenberg

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November 2, 2020

Photo by Savannah Reeves

(Editor’s note: Old News is a biweekly column featuring articles in The Spectator from the past. These are brief summaries of past articles.)

This week in…

1950 – Thursday, Oct. 19 Issue

‘Bolt Hits During Coeds’ Absence’

A bolt of lightning struck Memorial Hall (UW-Eau Claire’s first residence hall) at 11:40 a.m. Monday, causing several hundred dollars in damage, and knocking Mrs. Green — dormitory matron — to her knees.

Mrs. Green was the only person in the dormitory at the time. She said the bolt seemed to strike the roof. The impact knocked her off her feet, leaving her dazed for “some time.”

Three fire engines arrived at the scene, but there was no fire. Damage was limited to several fried wires and damaged light fixtures. The hall roof was also badly shattered, leading to a wall collapse in the bedroom of Beverly Stensburg and Betty Wisenbeck.


1975 – Thursday, Oct. 16 Issue

‘Student Senate passes study day bill after survey of faculty shows support’

Waving the general one week waiting period, Student Senate introduced and passed a bill endorsing a campus-wide pre-final study day.

The bill was introduced by William Goode, Academic Affairs Commission chair, based on a survey of faculty members. Of the 257 faculty members asked if they would support a pre-final study day, 177 were in favor, while 80 were opposed. According to Goode, those who opposed the proposal believed the day would decrease the quota of class meetings they were required to meet.

“It’s not necessarily a cramming day,” Goode said. “It’s for whatever will benefit the students, whether it be relaxing or cramming.”

The bill will now be passed on to Faculty Senate. If it is passed there, it will go to Chancellor Leonard Haas for approval.


2000 – Thursday, Oct. 16 Issue

‘Ask Anything: Scent Solutions’

(The following is an excerpt from a former Spectator Q&A column.)

Dear Tim,

No offense to the male species, but why is it that your living spaces smell so bad? I go to boys’ homes and they just stink. I assume that boys take just as many showers as girls and take the necessary hygiene precautions, but did they miss something that only girls know about? Please tell me. Maybe I can help.


U All Smell


Dear U All Smell,

It’s great that you’re all into helping us poor guys out. There are many reasons why guys’ “living spaces” smell so bad.

Guys don’t douse their rooms and themselves with products or perfumes from Bath and Body Works — at least I hope they don’t.

Many guys don’t burn vanilla and cinnamon candles. The only potpourri or flowery scents flying around a man’s house come from cheap colognes and air fresheners, which is usually a mixed scent of flowers and ass.

Face it girls, guys give 110 percent all of the time. Thus, we sweat. No matter if it’s playing sports, working a job, drinking beer or just watching television, women should know that it’s done with a lot of focus and hard work.

Personally, I hide this dirty man scent by applying ridiculous amounts of Vick’s Vapor Rub all over myself. Trust me guys, women love it.

— Tim Ruzek

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