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November 2, 2020

Photo by Savannah Reeves

This week in…

1950 – Thursday, Oct. 5 Issue

‘Frosh Chaff”

“Where is Room 213?” “Where is Barraks B-2?” “Who’s in charge of this room?”

These have been the questions most heard from the newest members of the student body, the frosh (first-year students). They find the college is a big place where it is easy to get lost.

Fortunately, Miss Stella Pederson, Dean of Women, held a four-day session for the freshmen, aiding immensely their knowledge of how the college is run. She explained and illustrated by means of motion pictures the correct procedure of studying, taking notes and writing tests as well as how to become socially-adjusted to college life.

With the homecoming game approaching this Saturday, the frosh will be obliged to wear green beanies. Despite the fact that there is no special honor connected with this old American college custom, the frosh stand ready and willing to do their part to keep the tradition alive.

1975 – Thursday, Oct. 2 Issue

‘Buttons, bands, bonfire ban’

“Pluck the Falcons” buttons have begun to pop up all over the UW-Eau Claire campus as students and alumni prepare for Homecoming week.

As usual, festivities will kick off with a parade and football game on Oct. 11. However, there will be some differences this year.

There will be no Homecoming concert, due to a lack of funding. The Social Commision lost $4,500 on the Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge Homecoming concert last year. The Social Commision will instead allot funds to a series of smaller concerts throughout the year.

The traditional Homecoming bonfire will also be eliminated, as it has been deemed “ecologically unwise and a safety hazard” by the student senate.

2000 – Thursday, Oct. 2 Issue

‘Ask Anything: Devil went down to Chancellors’

The following is an excerpt from a former Spectator Q&A column

Dear Tim,

What’s up with the elevators in Chancellors being possessed by Satan?


Scared to Ride

Dear Scared to Ride,

That crazy old Satan, always wanting to wreak havoc and dark evil over the world. Kind of gets old after awhile, eh? Well, Satan isn’t big on elevators. He likes to be ground-level, or shall I say below ground-level. Ha, ha, ha. Oh boy. Anyway, that’s why the elevator is possessed. I suggest getting an old priest and a young priest, some holy water and some red hot tamales. I think that’s a safe bet. If that doesn’t work you can just write in next week asking him to knock off the possessing — his name’s Tom Schlagel, or as known around the office, Lord of the Underworld.

  • Tim Ruzek

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