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Campus officers handle cases of an animal hit and run and underage drinking

Taylor Reisdorf

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March 25, 2020

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The following information was obtained from UW-Eau Claire Police Department records.


Oh deer

At 3:12 p.m. on April 18, a campus officer was dispatched to the Human Sciences and Services (HSS) Lot regarding a deer versus a stand-still car incident.

Upon arrival, the officer met with the complainant. The complainant said she’d parked her vehicle in the lot at 7:50 a.m. When she returned a few minutes before their interaction, she found damage to the front of the car.

The officer found the vehicle to be legally parked near the HSS entrance, and saw that the damage was to the front driver’s side wheel and hood area. She noticed clumps of deer hair sticking to the hood of the car and saw a large amount of deer hair on the ground near and under the car.

After photographing the damage and discussing insurance options, the officer checked for any other damage. No further damage was found, and the officer was unable to locate the “offending animal” in the immediate area.


The wanderer

At 11:39 p.m. on April 20, a campus officer was informed by a Student Patrol about a heavily intoxicated male subject walking northbound across the UW-Eau Claire Footbridge.

The Student Patrol said she saw a large group of male subjects walking along the Footbridge. As she passed the group, she could smell the odor of marijuana, so she contacted campus police via radio.

The Student Patrol said she saw one of the subjects possibly throw something along the tree line at the north end of the Footbridge, then continue westbound on the 100-200 block of Water Street. She gave a description of the male subject and said he began walking “erratically” toward the bike trail along the Chippewa River.

The officer responded via squad car, and entered the bike trail from the tennis courts near Owen Circle. Traveling westbound, the officer located a male subject who matched the Student Patrol’s description.

The male subject immediately turned northbound towards Haas Fine Arts Center in an attempt to get away from the officer. The officer lit up the area with her squad car’s spotlight, and watched the subject stumble into a large bush in an attempt to avoid contact with the officer. He then turned and walked towards the officer.

Upon making contact and identifying the subject as an underage student, the officer noticed the subject’s eyes were bloodshot and glossy in appearance. There was also a strong odor of intoxicants coming from his person and breath.

The officer asked the subject what he’d been doing, to which he responded he was trying to get to his dorm on upper campus. The officer asked how much alcohol he’d consumed, to which responded he’d had “a couple of shots.” He denied consuming anything else.

It was later discovered he had consumed 10 shots of liquor about 30-45 minutes prior to the contact. The subject agreed to a breathalyzer test and was found to have a blood alcohol content of .21. The officer was unable to smell the odor of marijuana coming from the subject’s person.

The officer issued an underage drinking citation with a fine amount of $389.50. The officer asked if the subject had any questions and assisted him onto the sidewalk just south of Haas. She observed the subject walk across the Footbridge without issue, and cleared the scene.