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Dead hawks, strange smells and fire alarms; campus police sure had a strange week


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Story by Anne Sandell, Chief Copy Editor

R.I.P. feathered friend

University police investigated reports of individuals carrying around a dead hawk Saturday evening, near Putnam Hall.

Around 6:17 p.m. a resident contacted UW-Eau Claire Campus Police regarding the dead hawk near Putnam Hall. Campus police arrived on scene with an Eau Claire Police Department Community Service Officer to assist.

The resident assistant pointed out the location of the hawk in question and informed the officers he had seen a group of women carrying the dead hawk around.

Officers observed the dead hawk on the boulevard of the roadway without any visible injuries. According to the report, there was also a dead squirrel nearby in the roadway.

The ECPD Community Service Officer collected the hawk to be disposed of properly.


Public Enemy #1

A piece of the “1916” display was reported missing from an indoor storage area on campus early Friday afternoon by UW-Eau Claire grounds crew.

At approximately 11:10 a.m. the UWEC grounds crew supervisor contacted campus police, reporting a number “1” wooden sign had been stolen. The supervisor stated that the “1” was part of the “1916” display that had been in the campus mall outside Schneider Hall.

Previously, on Aug. 25, the signs were vandalized and one of the number “1” signs was stolen. Eau Claire grounds crew removed the other numbered signs (1,9 and 6) and placed them in an indoor storage area for safe keepings, according to reports.

Friday, grounds crew had received a new number “1” to replace the one stolen in August.

When grounds crew went to the area that the other numbers had been stored, they discovered the second number “1” sign from the “1916” display was now missing.

According to the report, the sign is attached to a 4×4 wooden post, standing about seven feet tall and is painted all white. While the grounds crew supervisor did not have an exact cost to replace the number, he stated it was worth “at least $100.00.”

The sign has yet to be located and no further information is available at this time.


Not so careful cover-up

Campus police investigated a report of marijuana detected Sept. 13, in Towers Hall, coming up empty handed.

According to the report, around 11:38 p.m. campus police arrived at Towers Hall and made contact with the RA who reported detecting the odor of marijuana within the hallway.

The RA informed police they were unable to pinpoint exactly where the odor of marijuana was emanating from but advised the officers the area where rooms the odor was strongest.

Once in the general vicinity of the complaint, the officer detected a faint odor of marijuana in the hallway near one room. Smelling around the door frame, the officer detected the odor of marijuana emanating from within the room.

The officer also heard two separate male voices, music and what sounded like a television, coming from inside the room.

Upon knocking on the door, the officer immediately heard shuffling in the room, the music and television turn off and the room became silent. According to the report the officer knocked on the door again and immediately heard an aerosol body spray being sprayed inside the room.

Soon after, the officer reported smelling the strong odor of deodorant spray emanating from within the room.

The officer knocked and announced their presence three separate times but was unsuccessful in receiving a response at the door.

According to the report the officer cleared the scene and followed up with the RA, who provided identifying information for both residents that currently resided within the room.

On Sept. 15 at around 10:25 p.m. two officers attempted a follow up on this drug case.

Upon reporting to the room, officers could hear what sounded like a fan on inside the room, but did not hear any other movement inside.

Officers knocked on the door several times without response.


The magic touch

Campus police responded to a report of an activated fire alarm in Bridgman Hall last week, which turned out to be a faulty pull station.

Sept. 14 at approximately 3:23 p.m. the officer responded to Bridgman Hall to investigate an activated fire alarm.

Upon arrival the officer was stopped by a student who reported that he “accidently set the alarm off.” The student said he was waiting outside a friend’s room for the door to be opened when he touched the pull station and the alarm started to sound.

The student said he “barely touched the pull station” yet the alarm activated. The officer passed this information to responding fire personnel.

According to the report, when the officer checked the pull station it was discovered that the alarm had in fact, not been activated by being pulled.

The officer took the pull station apart and found that there was a crack in the hinge of the pull station, causing the station to activate.

Facilities management was notified and repaired the pull station while the Eau Claire Fire Department investigated.