Gemini Drive-In Theater in its last couple weekends of business

Eau Claire says goodbye to local summer hotspot

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This fall marks the end of the Gemini Drive-In Theater’s last of over 40 seasons in business, as the Eau Claire Co-Op Oil Company will buy the 40-acre property.

Despite a sell to Micon Cinemas five years ago and a $100,000 investment in digital project equipment, the theater remains unprofitable. Even after their most successful summer in five years, Gemini was still unable to break even.

The owners hoped to only sell the 30 acres of the land they weren’t using for the theater, but Eau Claire Co-Op Oil Company wanted the entire property. Owners of the oil company plan to construct two buildings and a railroad spur.

Gemini Drive-In owners plan to keep the equipment, holding onto hopes of relocating someday, though they do not know how or when.

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