Document allows students to choose favored name for school records

Students have access to a legal and preferred name change form to adhere to their name preferences here on campus


Photo by Lauren Kritter

The two Name Change Forms that are available for students in Schofield Hall.

Story by Lauren Kritter, Staff Writer

Until recently, there was just one form for students who wanted a name-change on UW-Eau Claire documents.

That form requires a driver’s license or birth certificate to finalize the change in Eau Claire’s system. Without proper documentation, the change will not be processed.

But another form now exists. One that allows a preferred name on school records.

The form helps international students and trans students to go by a preferred name on school papers.

The document allows students to choose which name will appear on the university directory, student center, degree audit, and professor class lists. Only first names may be changed to a preferred name.

So far, around 40 students have taken advantage of this and changed their name to their preferred option.

“It’s a way for students to reflect themselves correctly through the school,” Tessa Perchinsky, Eau Claire registrar, said.

Perchinsky said both forms are necessary, because when circumstances arise, students are going to need to use them.

“If any preferred name comes across as interesting, it comes back to me,” Perchinsky said. “I make sure that the names the students prefer are still acceptable.”

Mal Lemmer, a junior at Eau Claire is engaged and soon to be married.  She said she didn’t know there was a place on campus that would allow her to change her last name.

“Although I have not heard of the form, I do plan on using this service now and changing my last name legally when the time comes,” Lemmer said.

Both forms can be picked up and returned in the Registrar’s office in Schofield Hall room 128 on campus. Once they are filled out, the new names will be updated in the system.