Student Senate election results

The 2013 Student Senate election results were posted Wednesday evening after three days of student voting. Here are the results for the elections, including Student Body president, on- and off-campus Senators and the three referenda on the ballot.

Senators are listed alphabetically with total votes received in parentheses.

Student Body president: Bryan Larson and Jason Rector – 648 votes; Matt Riedel and Frank Heaton – 286 votes

Victorious off-campus Senate candidates:

Zachary Ahola (264 votes)

Brianna Burke (213 votes)

Michael DeCleene (177 votes)

Demetrius Evans (193 votes)

Samuel Fish (263 votes)

Robb Larson (222 votes)

Jarrel Montgomery (246 votes)

Matt Riedel (272 votes)

Pheng Thao (224 votes)

Jonathan Wieser (173 votes)

Jacob Wrasse (203 votes)

Victorious off-campus Senate candidates:

Cale Arhart (181 votes)

Everett Brown (168 votes)

Casey Coughlin (158 votes)

Stephen Fisher (189 votes)

Cora Fox(263 votes)

Nicole Foyt (260 votes)

Jimmy Haggerty (210 votes)

Frank Heaton (222 votes)

Kayla Kallas (168 votes)

Mike Kosiak (209 votes)

Christian Paese (156 votes)

Libby Richter (237 votes)

Paul Savides (156 votes)

Jefferson Schmidtke (181 votes)

Samuel Tabbert (247 votes)

Eleonor Thomas (180 votes)

Sarah Tyrell (170 votes)

Tyler Will (207 votes)

Hillary Young (198 votes)


Students voted to eliminate the Student Court

Students voted to reform the Vacancies Committee

Students voted to change the requirement of Student Senators from taking six credits to having half-time status (4 credits for a graduate student)