Student Senate candidates 2009: On-Campus Candidates

Name: Jessi Van Natta
Major: Undecided
Campus Involvement: Student Life and Diversity Commission, Athletic Commission

Students should be interested in Student Senate because we represent the students and their ideas of how to better UW-Eau Claire.

Name: Ryan Heath
Major: Political Science/Creative Writing
Campus Involvement: Former President of Spectrum, Former Archivist of Spectrum, Former President of Blugolds for Barack, Former Inter-Campus Relations Director for College Democrats

I’m running to share my greatness with the larger student body. To even be mentioned in the same sentence as the likes of Dr. King or Gandhi is such an honor. However, the nickname Father Teresa is not completely undeserved. My awesomeness cannot be described; it can only be experienced. And only by
voting for me can the depth of my amazingness truly be experienced. So do yourself a favor, and vote for Ryan Heath!

Name: Lauren Woods
Major: Biology Education
Campus Involvement: Murray Community Association (Hall Council), Residence Hall Association, Student Wisconsin Educators Association, Judicial Board, Dining Committee, Model UN, Leadership

Throughout my first year attending UW-Eau Claire, I have been involved in many organizations that require student input to solve problems on campus. I have learned how to take in different opinions and bring them to committees in hopes of finding solutions. I believe this is the most important aspect of Student Senate and would love to be a channel for on-campus students to have their voices heard.

Name: Janna Casperson
Major: Geography
Campus Involvement: One full term as an On-Campus Student Senator, Intergovernmental Affairs Commission, Organizations Commission, Viennese Ball Committee, Forum Committee, Pre-Law Club,

I am running for Student Senate for a second term because I have a true passion for the student body of UW-Eau Claire. I have experience communicating and working alongside my peers and administrators, which has brought positive results. Being a student myself gives me great motivation to make positive changes to our university. I feel strongly about saving our money and using student fee-moneys conservatively; this will help the fight to keep our tuition at a minimum and continue the bargain that is Eau Claire tuition.

Name: Chrissy Duszynski
Major: Political Science
Campus Involvement: PR Director of UWEC College Democrats, Communications Director for Blugolds for Barack, Jumpstart, Corps

I am running for Student Senate because I have a lot of pride in this university and would like to make it the best it can be. Over the past two years, I have become very involved both on campus and in the Eau Claire community. That being said, my voice in Student Senate, if elected, will represent a wide range and very diverse group of students. I also have a lot of unique ideas to help improve UW-Eau Claire, and I’m willing to work with students to make positive changes and progress.

Name: Katelyn Kufahl
Major: Biochemistry
Campus Involvement: Model United Nations, NSA, Math Club

I want to gain greater understanding of and input toward the issues that affect the campus community I have grown to love during my first year here. I think it is important for every student of the university to have a voice in the policies that govern them, a task accomplished through adequate peer representation. I feel that by providing a listening ear to the opinions of my fellow students, I will bring fresh perspective to the body of Student Senate during 2009-2010.

Name: James Kust
Major: Undeclared
Campus Involvement: Forensics Team, UWEC Telefund

I am running because I’ve wanted to be more involved on campus for a while now, and I believe Student Senate will allow me to do that. I also want to get involved as much as I can in the decision-making process, and to do what I can to best represent the students of UW-Eau Claire in important decisions and events.

Name: Sarah Tweedale
Major: English Education
Campus Involvement: Student Senator, Academic Affairs Commission, Public Relations Commission, Student Services Commission

With two semesters of Student Senate experience, I’ve developed a solid foundation of university-wide policies and procedures; I plan to use this base of experience to propel me forward as part of next year’s Senate. I look forward to continuing to build on my knowledge of UW-Eau Claire and to share this knowledge with students to gain additional opinions and have the most advantageous effects on them. My personal mantra is to be a “human doing” rather than a “human being,” and a term on Senate will enable me to continue to be an active on-campus representative.

Name: Jacob Kampen
Major: Business Finance
Campus Involvement: On-campus Senator, Finance and Information Technology Commission, 1st Vice Chairman of College Republicans

I am running for re-election to Student Senate because I want to continue serving the student body in this capacity. I have worked hard on the Finance Commission to effectively allocate student fees to organized activities that benefit the campus and increase the quality and value of our education. I want to continue to increase funding for activities that generate positive publicity for the university, like athletics, music and forensics. I also hope to direct the Information Technology Commission next year to continue to improve the availability of world-class technology on our campus. I appreciate your vote!

Name: Danielle Gannon
Major: English Literature
Campus Involvement: Foodlums garden manager and university farmers’ market coordinator, Earth Month committee

I would like to share my drive and collaborate with you, administration and faculty on creating a community that is not only passionate but focused on creatively and effectively tackling university concerns. Right now we need to focus on: managing budget cuts, improving campus facilities and student programs, our continuation towards sustainability, and hey, even excellence. We need not only strong leadership, but realistic mediators who have the ability to make compromises in order to benefit the most people. Of utmost importance is closing the communication gap between the students and the Senate. After all, we are here for you.

Name: Phillip Plager
Major: Political Science
Campus Involvement: Blugolds for Barack-Exec Board, Foodlums-President, Latin American Sustainability Development and Education

I am a proud Blugold and I want to enhance the Eau Claire Experience. I am a strong, pragmatic leader, and I want to work for you! I am running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, environmental responsibility, and student empowerment. I will work for open conversation between students and the Senate, 24-hour access to Haas, incentive schemes for carpooling and low utility usage in the dorms and creative environment and money

Name: Yan Ying Lee
Major: Finance
Campus Involvement: University Artists Series Advisory Committee and International Film Advisory Committee

After spending seven months here at UW-Eau Claire, I am sure of one thing – I want to get involved more. Although I haven’t been here long, I have seen room for improvements, and by being on Senate, I will be able to help make this University a better place for students to live and learn. This is an opportunity to represent the students and fight for our rights and causes. Being a student senator will allow me to help improve the quality of this university for the years to come!