Ropes course receives funding

Kathlyn Hotynski

Apparently, “Woody the Woodpecker” has been paying a visit to the ropes course on UW-Eau Claire’s upper campus. And he’s causing some expensive damage.

Student Senate approved a special allocation of $5,000 to the University Recreation and Sports Facilities to replace the wooden poles of the ropes course with steel poles, according to the bill.

Finance Commission Director Aaron Brewster said the repairs cost more than the amount of money Senate would allocate, but with the help of funds from other sources, Senate was then asked to make up the remainder.

The allocation was in the best interest of both students and the university because both university and community groups utilize the course, according to the bill.

Thomas Patt, director of University Recreation and Sports Facilities said the damage done by the pileated woodpeckers included holes 12 to 16 inches in diameter in the wooden poles.

University groups comprise approximately one-half of the annual ropes course users, according to Recreation’s request.

Senator Eric Highlander said he supported the allocation for the ropes course.

“(The ropes course) is a great aspect to the community and the university with leadership classes.”